Deal with Construction Accidents Via OSHA Violations

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Construction accidents are part and parcel of being a construction worker. These accidents can happen due to negligence or ill-preparedness by employers and employees. One such type of accident could be caused by violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. OSHA is a federal statute that requires each employer to provide their employees with safe workplaces and mandates specific safety guidelines for every phase in the construction process. This article will discuss dealing with construction accidents caused by OSHA violations. 
Common OSHA Violations that Lead to Construction Injuries 
It is important to note that OSHA violations could lead to construction accidents in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: 

  1. Slips, Trips, and Falls

Some of the most common construction accidents caused by OSHA violations are slips, trips, and falls. Construction sites are typically cluttered with various loose materials that can cause one to slip and fall 

  1. Machinery Accidents

Construction accidents can also be caused by machinery, such as elevators and forklifts. Construction equipment usually not inspected regularly could malfunction while on the job. This could lead to abrasions, fractures, and internal injuries.  

  1. Electrocutions 

This type of accident is especially prevalent in construction, where electrical devices are used to power machinery and lights. Electrical accidents could be caused by faulty wiring or loose electrical cords.  

  1. Struck-by Accidents

These types of accidents could result in serious injuries or even death. To prevent such accidents, construction sites should have sturdy fencing that prevents anyone from entering the construction zone. It is also essential for employers to put up signs that warn against trespassing on the property. 

  1. Defective Products

Like in any other industry, construction sites are required to ensure that their products are safe for use. This means all equipment used on the construction site must be in top working condition. If a product does not work correctly or becomes defective, it could result in serious injuries and severe damage to the property. 

  1. Dangerous Substances and Delayed Illnesses

In some cases, dangerous substances and delayed illnesses directly cause construction accidents. In other cases, they contribute to the severity of the accident. 
Who can be Held Liable for Construction Accident Damages?
It is essential to find out who could be liable for construction accident damages. Three main parties could be held liable for a construction accident: 

  1. The Employee

An employee's negligence could be a contributing factor to an accident that was caused by OSHA violations. This is why employees need to follow safety protocols while on the job.  

  1. The Employer

Employers must give their employees the proper safety training to work in a safe environment. Employers must also ensure that all equipment on the construction site is in good working order, undergo regular inspections for defects, and provide personal protective equipment for their workers.  

  1. The Contractor

Contractors must also ensure they use OSHA-approved equipment and provide their employees with proper safety training. 
Construction accidents are a significant concern for both employers and employees. It is vital for employers to follow all OSHA safety protocols and provide their employees with the proper safety training to prevent construction accidents. 

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