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Construction Radios: 4 Key Features to Seek

Construction Radios: 4 Key Features to Seek

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Communication is essential when you are out on a construction job. Not only does it help everyone stay on task, but it also improves safety so that there aren’t as many injuries. When you can easily communicate when a crane is coming, or supplies are headed someone’s way it gives them ample time to get to a safe spot.

This level of communication is made easier with a good two-way radio system. Finding the right radios can be tricky, but by looking for key features, you’ll have your team communicating in no time.

Easy-to-Use Use Construction Radios

Usability is essential for safety on the worksite. You don’t want your team fidgeting with their construction two way radios because they are so hard to use. Instead, you want a radio where the call button is clearly marked, the display is large enough to read, and there aren’t tons of tiny buttons you could accidentally hit instead. When you are looking for features in these communication devices, make sure you consider the people who will be using them and the conditions they will be in for use.

Strong and Durable

Construction sites are messy, and high off the ground, and there are a lot of opportunities to drop things. This means that getting construction two-way radios that are strong and durable is essential. You need radios that can handle fine dust particles from cutting new beams just as much as you need them to stay functioning if they drop. This durability ensures that you can communicate easily with your team all day long. Additionally, having features like long battery life, rechargeable batteries, and an extended reach can ensure that your radios function as needed.

Private Calling Options

Sometimes you just need to call one person. Having the ability to call one specific radio on your job site can get you feedback much more quickly than if you simply use the group calling option. Construction two-way radios that allow you to do both is ideal. These radios come with the option to call a specific radio number so that if you’re calling a manager or foreman about a specific need or issue, no one else needs to hear it. This keeps the communication more private and creates less distraction for the rest of the team.

App-Based Monitoring

When you are on the ground, it’s nice to be able to see where everyone is and to keep tabs on your team. Using an app-based service allows you to connect all your radios to the service so that you can do things like group messages, group calls, private calls, and even see where each radio is located. This can ensure that everyone is located where they need to be and you can communicate with them when necessary.


Construction two-way radios are an essential part of the job site. They help people communicate and provide one form of safety when you’re working. Being able to communicate effectively is essential when you are working in dangerous conditions. Look for durability, private calling, and easy-to-use radios so that they work when needed.


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