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Construction Marketing Tips: Link Building Guide

Construction Marketing Tips: Link Building Guide

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As a construction company, if you’ve recently started working on building an online presence, you might find yourself a bit too overwhelmed and frustrated. You’re putting out quality content consistently, and sharing useful constructions tips and tricks, but your blogs are not ranking. Your website is not ranking on top for any keyword at all – even for your company name.  
(Sidenote: You’re lucky if you came up with a super unique niche-relevant company name.)  
Well, let us tell you why is that so?   
You’re not focusing on Link Building.  
We can guess you’re not adequately familiar with the term, so let’s jump to the specifics.  

What is Link Building?  

Linking building is a solid SEO technique. It helps you rank on Google, and it is basically the process of linking your website with others. There are three types of links for link building. These are: 

Inbound Links  

Inbound links or backlinks are links from other websites to your website. The best way to acquire these links is to create great content. But note that this is not the easiest strategy. It’s time and effort demanding. You’ll have to put out top-notch quality content consistently.  
For example, the data of a property survey of infrastructure in your local area is more valuable than a blog post on “What is a property survey?”   
How so? Well, that’s because a lot of people are already doing informational posts about property surveys. But when you add unique statistical data to the internet on your domain, other sites may use this data to create further posts. Thus, linking their content to your site.  

Outbound Links  

Outbound links are the links on your website that lead the reader or website visitor to another website. Imagine this as a source on your website. But why should you direct your traffic elsewhere? Well, that’s because by doing so you boost your site’s authority as well.  
The popularity of a website is based on the links that it receives. Buy backlink for great work with websites that are designed with high quality, well established and with good rank.

Internal Links  

Internal links are links on your blog post that direct the reader or website visitor to pages within your website. How does that benefit your site? Well, when your internal link your pages you redirect your traffic from one page to another, which means they spend more time on your website. The key here is to make these internal links just as useful and relevant as inbound and outbound links.  
Considering the link-building process as a process of reference. The more others refer you, the more you refer others, or the more you refer yourself, Google will recognize you as an authority in your industry.  

Why do you need it?  

You’re a construction company dedicating time to grow construction business online. The primary intent here is:  

  • Boost profits  
  • Build a brand name  

For either of the two goals, you need to be discoverable to your target audience. You need to maximize your chances of ranking on top of search engines.   
Other noteworthy benefits of link building are as follows:  

  • This leads to higher site metrics and SEO scores  
  • Brings more traffic  
  • Builds credibility in the industry  
  • Improves relationships with other prominent names in the industry  
  • Increases visibility   
  • Widens exposure (if your base link-building strategies in different geographical locations)  
  • Lowers bounce rates  

How to start?  

Ideally, you can begin link building right away. All you’ve to do is subscribe to a good SEO tool like MOZ, Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc. Conduct a site audit, compare with your competitors, come up with a nice technical strategy, and deploy your links.  
…. only that SEO tools are expensive. A site audit isn’t a beginner’s thing to do. Competitor analysis and devising a technical strategy demand knowledge and experience.  
So, it’s not a good idea to begin the complex process independently. Instead, you should seek good link building services and have them assist you with your website’s growth. As you work with a link-building agency, educate yourself on the subject and processes involved. Collective understanding and efforts will help you excel in the growth of your construction business.  

End Note  

Construction marketing can be a bit more technical and demanding than other types of marketing. That’s primarily because your target audience has trouble trusting construction services online. Even though we live in a digitally equipped world, the construction industry is yet to grow online. So, work on establishing an authority, building a trustworthy name, and coming out on top with the best link-building strategies. 


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