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Concrete Repair vs. Concrete Resurfacing Costs

Concrete Repair vs. Concrete Resurfacing Costs

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There are hundreds of concrete construction happening worldwide every minute. Activities involving the use of concrete materials bring damages to the environment. Good thing there is concrete resurfacing. What is concrete resurfacing? Today’s article takes a deeper look at what concrete repair is in general.
While there are many ways to do concrete flooring repair, this post will focus on resurfacing, the steps, its benefits, and concrete resurfacing costs!
All you need to know ahead!
Repair and resurfacing: The Comparison
Repair refers to a method that concerns fixing concrete flooring, walls, and other constructions. The average cost of a repair is $800 to $1000.
When you talk about resurfacing, it pertains to a flooring method. Concrete resurfacing is the restoration of old concrete floors with minor or major cracks.
Concrete Repair process
A ScienceDirect article explains concrete repair in detail. Here is how the repair goes. Concrete repair involves taking out old concrete slabs. Digging out the materials is a necessary step. Thus repair focuses more on rehabilitating a structure or a facility.
If you need to renovate an old hospital to build a new one, you will need more than just resurfacing the floors. Nor, you will opt only for repainting walls and more. Repair aims to create an entirely new building. It gets rid of every old and damaged material.
Resurfacing Process
Concrete resurfacing becomes the top choice among many engineers and professional contractors like Concrete Repair Dallas. Why not? Resurfacing is more efficient. It also promotes sustainable use of materials because you do not have to throw old cement. Thus, resurfacing is now the flooring solution most homeowners choose as well. The average cost of resurfacing is $3 to $10.
The concrete flooring material’s lifespan prolongs since users choose to keep the old slabs.
Both repair and resurface new layers of concrete. But wait, there’s more you need to know about how resurfacing is done.
The next topic discusses the essential steps of how to resurface the floors.
Steps in Resurfacing Concrete Floor
Resurfacing follows these steps:
1- Floor Prep. The first step is preparing the surface. It involves pressure washing and repairing if cracks exist.
2- Prepare Concrete Mix. The next step is to prepare the concrete mix. If caracks and minor damages exist on the surface, You need patching first. You will need to patch the concrete crack first.
3- Fill the holes. Suppose there are severe types of damages such as holes. You need to fill them as well.
4- Apply Concrete. The last step is to pour the new concrete mix. So, if you noticed, you do not need to dig out or remove any damaged slab. Finally, seal the surface or finish it with the concrete floor coating of your choice. Sealing and finishing will protect the floor surface and adds a non-skid surface.
Repair Vs. Resurfacing Cost
The table below shows you the common damages to concrete floors. Also, it shows a comparison between how repair and resurface fix those issues.

Damages Repair  Resurfacing
erosion Internal and external External; repair is better
chemical reactions Internal external
earthquake Internal requires replacement Requires replacement
Construction errors

  • Curing
  • Finishing
  • compaction

  •         External
  •         internal

  • Internal and external

How Much Does Resurfacing Cost
The overall cost for a basic resurfacing is $30 to $110. Price may vary depending on the location and source of supply. Transportation fees will also cause cost variation.
So, if you want to make sure that you will save cost, have a resurfacing.
Repairs & Replacement Cost
Look back on the table above. You will realize that some repairs only need essential restoration of damaged floors that resurfacing can suffice. But also, there are issues when a replacement is required.
If you have outdoor concrete to fix, damages may be more severe since outdoor floors take more beating. A driveway, patio, or garage receives more foot traffic, so these areas may require replacing a slab. A Denver concrete driveway repair or a garage floor renovation and exposure to damaging elements.
The repair cost may reach up to $500 to $600. You need to add to the equation cost for digging out the slabs, which take an additional step. Under this step, you need to add expenses for payloader trucks. This is also the reason why some contractors tend to ask for additional fees. Sometimes flooring contractors handle the job finding for trucks and carriers that bring materials in and out of the project site.


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