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Commercial Window Replacements: What To Expect?

Commercial Window Replacements: What To Expect?

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Windows are an invaluable part of a commercial building. Traditionally, windows in commercial spaces have been used to provide light, views, and fresh air for the occupants. They have also been indispensable to businesses that need to display their mechanize and attract customers. Today, windows are considered an integral part of creating an occupant-friendly environment.
There is growing recognition that properly designed and installed windows can have a positive impact on the happiness, health, and productivity of the people who work in the building. Windows are also playing a major role in reducing the operational costs of properties. The current commercial window trends revolve around windows that have a human-centered and energy-efficient design. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to commercial window replacements.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Windows

Although your windows may look fine from the inside and outside, all may not be well. They may be contributing to your rising energy bill and cause discomfort in the building. Fortunately, technology has gifted us capabilities that enable us to measure the effectiveness of a window, thus helping us to know whether we need to perform some few adjustments, do a retrofit, or conduct a full replacement. Here are the reasons why you may need to update your windows.

  • Energy Cost Reduction. Windows have a huge influence when it comes to energy costs and environmental impact. In fact, they are responsible for up to 30% of a building’s energy expenses. Selecting energy-efficient window designs can allow you to lower the building’s electricity demands. With energy conscious windows, you will reduce the operational costs of your heating and cooling systems. You’ll even be in a position to downsize your equipment, allowing you to increase your savings.


  • Occupancy Rate Increase. The modern tenant is more eco-conscious. When looking for property to rent, people are paying more attention to the building’s environmental footprint. Positioning your property as an eco-friendly hub will definitely make it a hot asset, and shore up its occupancy rate. In fact, green buildings have a4% lower vacancy rate compared to other buildings. Replacing your outdated windows with eco-friendly ones is a wise investment that will surely bring you returns.


  • Human Factors. Windows can affect the happiness of the building’s occupants. Tenants want windows that let in daylight, have a clear view, don’t emit glare, are thermal-efficient, and offer natural ventilation. Windows that were designed decades ago struggle to meet these criteria, thus providing an environment that isn’t comfortable to work in. Modern commercial windows are developed to balance all factors ranging between functionality, efficiency, and comfort.


  • Energy Standards for Commercial Fenestration. Commercial properties and residential buildings that have more than three stories have to comply with some energy and safety standards. Energy efficiency standards ensure that your building’s window meets the set sustainability requirements. Safety standards ensure the windows do not pose any risks to the occupants. Old buildings may have windows that are not in line with the current commercial fenestration standards; therefore, you will need to upgrade to the latest designs.


  • Improve Curb Appeal. There is no doubt that curb appeal plays a huge role in attracting tenants. Aesthetically pleasing windows can transform the look of any building regardless of its age. Businesses will also prefer to operate from a new-looking building since they know such a place will lure their clients.

How a New Installation will Boost Resident Turnover

If tenants are constantly occupying and vacating your property, you need to find a way to have them stay longer. When clients hire your space for short spans, it makes the building’s income uncertain, drives up maintenance costs, and it can even damage the reputation of your property. Upgrading the windows can boost the interior and exterior appeal of the property. Here’s how a new window installation will keep your tenants glued.

  • When your tenants aren’t having a hard time due to your building’s inadequacies, they are likely to find a better place. Excess heat, cold, UV rays, and damaged panes are some of the factors that can affect their comfort. To prevent this, invest in energy-efficient windows that allow illumination yet block UV rays. Also, look for a design that is sound-proof to protect businesses from sound pollution.


  • Productivity. When employees work in an environment that has fewer distractions, their output increases. Cold, heat, noise, and stuffy air can prevent employees from concentrating. Poor insulation and ventilation can also lead to illness of the occupants, which can cause businesses to experience downtime. With high-quality windows, employee productivity and morale will improve.

Wrapping Up

When going for a commercial window replacement, you will find yourself wavering between multiple options. There are different types of windows to choose from, ranging from vinyl, aluminum to fiberglass frame materials. You will also find windows that have double or triple panes, different energy performance ratings, and varying tinting levels. To select and install the ideal commercial windows, partner with a qualified expert.


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