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Cloud Computing Simplifies a Construction Site

Cloud Computing Simplifies a Construction Site

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The Internet has been no less than a blessing for a majority of businesses, and construction is not an exception in this regard. Before the Internet arrived, all the processing took place locally on your computers, and the majority of data was stored on the hard drive. Thus, contractors were continuously constrained by their hardware before the Internet was high-speed and accessible everywhere. Contractors needed to upgrade their computers if they lacked the processing capability to run an application. Also, they had to delete files or purchase an external disk if the hard drive ran out of capacity. 

Everything changed once broadband internet access was introduced. Since high-speed Internet has such a vast capacity, data can be transported faster, and your devices are always connected. These two characteristics opened up a lot of opportunities for people in the construction industry. Employees in the construction industry could now use servers to store and analyze data over the Internet, removing the dependency on the physical infrastructure. 

Cloud computing is outsourcing your data processing and storage to more capable computers. Construction professionals can accomplish more with fewer resources and from any location with an internet connection. The cloud improves accessibility, eliminates hardware constraints, and guards against data loss. If you are qualified for cloud computing like a software engineer or aws certified developer you can be a good recruitment option for construction companies.

Here are multiple ways cloud computing software simplifies the workday at a construction site. 

Data Processing 

The only feasible method to obtain the most potent insights available to construction is to process data in the cloud. For example, when drones fly over a construction site, dozens of photos are taken, each with precise GPS coordinates and metadata. These photos need to be stitched together into an orthograph to be helpful, which is beyond the capability of a conventional computer. This is where cloud computing comes into play. It makes the process of storing and maintaining the data more accessible. 

Real-time Site Connectivity 

No doubt, construction processes are critical. Their complexity and the depth of every process make invigilation and supervision mandatory. Before the cloud, the only reliable way to check a project’s status was to visit it in person, which takes up hours of your day. But with SaaS products, you can access your construction site worldwide. Not just access, it gives you real-time views of the entire job site and processes.  

Data Storage 

Project documentation for your construction site is essential for fulfilling contractual responsibilities and covering critical processes. And storing all the paperwork physically is difficult, but with cloud computing for your construction business, your data is safe, limitless, and accessible. 

Easy Sharing 

Every construction project involves many different parties, including vendors, managers, and clients, and communicating data among them might take a lot of time. And SaaS solutions for construction businesses come in handy. It enables real-time communication and collaboration and replaces all back and forth activities with real-time resource-saving.  

Advanced Analytics 

It is simple to take measurements or compare plans on any of your devices from wherever you are because all of your data is kept in the cloud. For instance, if you’re taking regular aerial photos of big under-construction projects like homes and commercial buildings, your point clouds may occupy hundreds of GB on your device, far more space than any phone can hold. At the same time, a SaaS solution can save all your worries and store the entire data without any hassle. 

Overall, there are many advantages to cloud computing for construction, but if there is one compelling reason to use one, it covers all your construction site worries. One of the biggest financial drains on contractors is disputes, and the majority of them start because there isn’t enough information to draw a firm decision. However, disagreements can be avoided if you use a SaaS platform that automatically organizes and records your site’s activity. 

Author Bio 
Ed Williams is the Director of ProjectPro, an integrated construction accounting software. He holds massive industry experience and is a Microsoft Dynamics expert who is focused on successful implementations. He is a visionary leader and always aims to deliver the best to the construction and project-oriented industries. 


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