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Cleaning Up After Construction is Good for your Health

Cleaning Up After Construction is Good for your Health

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Construction might have moved away from harmful materials like asbestos, but that doesn’t mean that living in a building site filled with dust and debris is good for your health. Whether it’s interior decorating, renovation, or a widescale construction project, engaging the services of a professional cleaning company for a post-construction clean is key to ensuring your own health and well-being at home.
Here’s why cleaning up after construction work is so important.

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Dust and Debris in the Air
If you’ve ever walked into a space that has recently undergone construction, then you will be no stranger to the concept of dust and debris literally floating in the air in front of you. From dust particles that come from ripped-up flooring and torn-down walls to the debris that is caused by sawn wood and sanding, it is only when you properly clean the surfaces, walls, and floors that you can start to air out the space.
This is important because dust and debris when breathed into excess, can cause inflammation and irritation in your airways and lungs – leading to breathing difficulties and further health issues.
Tools and other Hazards
One of the biggest issues with post-construction cleaning lies in the tools, materials, and chemicals left behind after the work is complete. Cleaning a construction site means removing and disposing of these items in a safe and efficient way – with a professional cleaning company able to handle and remove these items as part of the clean-up job.
And it’s not just the trip hazard which is important for health and wellbeing. When chemicals used in construction are left lying around after the work is complete, they become a spill hazard that could be handled carelessly if not removed efficiently – causing damage to both people and to the environment. A post-construction clean means that all of these little details are managed and removed before your family moves back into the home – keeping it safe for adults and children alike.
Not to mention, when you engage the services of a professional post-construction cleaning company, the end result is far better than one that has been left as a building site – leaving you feeling much calmer than if you were left with tons of debris to clean yourself.
Efficient results
Most homeowners and landlords who are going through construction work will find that the most cost-effective and efficient way of ensuring a high-quality post-construction clean is by outsourcing the job to a cleaning company. But why not just rely on the construction company to clean up after themselves?
Not only is a cleaning company often more efficient in the work they do but bringing them in to complete the final touches means that the construction company can focus solely on the quality of the building and renovation work rather than the clean-up – often leading to a higher quality job as their morale is elevated by the single focus.
Post-construction cleaning – the details
Post-construction cleaning focuses on both the debris left behind as a result of the work and the less visible dust particles and pieces of debris in the air which – if breathed in – could cause harm to you and your family. A meticulous job which is best performed by experts with industry-grade equipment and expertise, post-construction cleaning tends to take much longer than a standard cleaning job as it focuses on not only removing the hazards left behind but on ensuring that every surface, exposed floor, and more, is clean and ready for the next stage of the project.
Post-construction cleaning services focus on the safety of interior spaces and ensure that any and every space is left clean and clear – ready for furnishings to be moved back in. No job is too big or too small for a professional cleaning company to tackle, they will send out a team that will gauge the appropriate number of expert cleaners depending on the size and scale of the job. We hope this information will help keep your interior spaces freshened and ready for the grand renovation reveal.


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