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Ceramic Matrix Composites: What are the Advantages?

Ceramic Matrix Composites: What are the Advantages?

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Today’s engineers can choose from many types of material for their technological advances. As a matter of fact, we offer several of those options here at Axiom Materials, including prepreg materials, film adhesives, and ancillary products. Axiom really shines when it comes to ceramic matrix composites, or CMCs, and those CMCs are improving advanced tech production on a daily basis. Every day, we see our materials support vital work in several sectors.

Advantages of Ceramic Matrix Composites

Ceramic matrix composites come with several advantages. However, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the advantages and possibilities of ceramic matrix composites, so let’s take a moment to get a closer look.

Overcoming the Pitfalls

As mentioned above, CMCs were created for the express purpose of overcoming the disadvantages that come with other composite materials. Ceramic matrix composites are far stronger than other composite material options and do not fracture easily.
Ceramic matrix composites can withstand higher temperatures than other material composites, making them appropriate for projects that other materials can’t handle.
They’re also more resistant to everyday wear and tear than other composite materials, which means that they can last longer than those materials. This wear and tear avoidance goes beyond cracks and breakage. CMCs resist the corrosion that can overcome alloy composites.
All of these advantages make ceramic matrix composites beneficial for all sorts of projects, providing better safety and ROI than other options.
In addition to these advantages, ceramic matrix composites still come with the same advantages that these other materials provide, giving engineers the best of all worlds. In certain fields, compromise doesn’t always work. For the times when engineers absolutely cannot settle for less, ceramic matrix composites step up to the task.

New Materials for New Technology

Cutting-edge technology requires cutting-edge material to bring that technology to fruition. As ceramic matrix composites advance, so can air, space, and medical technology. As a result, CMCs can save lives and pave the way for deeper exploration of the universe.
One particularly exciting possible tech advancement comes from CMC usage in the aerospace industry: ceramic matrix composites may hold the key for better fuel efficiency in aerospace engines. In an article for Composites Manufacturing magazine, Glen Mandigo and Doug Frietlag explain:
CMCs have the potential to enable a step change in the fuel efficiency of gas turbine engines. In general, the hotter the engine runs, the better the fuel efficiency. Increases in engine temperature capability have historically been enabled by advances in metal technologies and through thermal barrier coatings. Those advances are rapidly approaching their theoretical limits. CMCs have emerged as the material of choice for many future engines, in large part because their operating temperatures are around 1300 C.
Essentially, aerospace technology has hit a wall in the advancement of fuel efficiency technology. Until it finds a way to burn fuel at higher temperatures, it can’t move forward to produce any more significant energy advancement. Ceramics matrix composites can remove that frustrating barrier and create a new layer of fuel efficiency where none had existed before, thanks to their aforementioned ability to withstand higher temperatures than other materials.

Ceramics Matrix Composite Companies: Why Axiom Materials?

Engineers that build spacecraft, aircraft, medical equipment, and other demanding machinery have specific and important needs when it comes to their materials. When choosing building materials, there’s no room for these engineers to cut corners or settle for subpar options. In this case, only the best materials can lead the way forward.
Not only do engineers have specific and important material needs, but they also have specific and important needs from their material companies. With several potential companies available, what separates the ideal company from the rest? As an engineer, what criteria can you use to ensure that you’re making the best possible choice? There are several qualities that you should look for when making your material decisions, and Axiom Materials covers all of them.

Quality Standards in Laboratory Testing

When one designs and builds innovative and/or lifesaving technology, one needs materials for that technology that can live up to high standards. Those materials cannot fall short in any capacity.
At Axiom Materials, we proudly live up to those high standards, meeting and even exceeding them every day. As a matter of fact, our Quality Management System (QMS) is approved, certified, and up-to-date according to DEKRA Certification, Inc.
We also follow the ASg100D standard put in place by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). Any organization that uses these standards must meet strict and challenging standards for product safety.

CMC for the Future

By design, ceramic matrix composites are progressive, cutting-edge materials that mesh well with the latest and most innovative building processes. Therefore, the best sources for your CMCs will be forward-thinking and cutting-edge.
Axiom Materials fits the bill. The laboratory that we mentioned above also allows us to think several steps ahead of today’s composite material standards.
Our Research and Development team has created multiple resin compositions that meet specific needs. This team works together to build the best in quality assurance, consistent formula enhancements, and creative solutions for each customer.
Finally, our technical staff consists of Ph.D. holders, renowned chemistry experts, and talented engineers. Even our sales staff members have backgrounds in advanced composition, and many have technical certifications or degrees.

The Ultimate Standards in Customization

Axiom Materials has developed a reputation for working directly with the client in a way that no other CMC provider does. As a matter of fact, even our innovative resin formulations can be customized to meet your exact requirements.


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