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CBD Products: What Formats Does CBD Come in?

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CBD Products: What Formats Does CBD Come in?

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For a while, CBD occupied the shadows. It was an underground substance that only a select group of crunchy people knew about. A couple of years ago, though, CBD oil took off. It’s now possible to find hundreds of CBD products online.
Gone are when users had to choose between a few CBD tinctures. Now, you can get your hands on everything from topicals to vapes.
So, if you’re looking for CBD for sale online, read the guide below to learn more about what’s on offer. That way, you can make an informed CBD purchase for a product that will meet all your needs.
The sections below cover the pros and cons of the most common CBD products on the market.

CBD Oils

The OG in CBD products is CBD oil. Whenever you come across a brand with CBD for sale, you’ll most likely see tinctures as the primary product on their website.
Manufacturers create CBD oil by extracting cannabinoids from hemp, then suspending the extract in an oil. Typically, this is hemp seed oil, MCT oil, or sometimes olive oil.
The user takes CBD oil by dropping it beneath their tongue, waiting up to 90 seconds, then swallowing. This method is called sublingual administration. However, CBD oils are pretty versatile, and users can also add them to recipes and other products.
The Pros: CBD oils come in the widest variety of flavors and strengths, giving users the most choice. They’re also versatile, fast-acting, and have a decent bioavailability rate.
The Cons: Unfortunately, natural-flavored CBD oils have quite an acquired taste. They are often earthy and bitter, which many users don’t enjoy. Furthermore, the process of measuring out the correct amount of CBD every day can be tedious, and there is a small risk of spillage and mess.

CBD Capsules

For those uncomfortable with sublingual consumption, CBD capsules are the ideal product. They’re a format that most people are familiar with since pills are a regular part of daily life for many.
The process of making them is similar to CBD oils. However, instead of suspending the CBD within an oil, it’s suspended in a capsule. There are a few different types, including softgels that are easy to swallow and pills that are more like crushed powder shaped into a tablet.
Whichever you choose, CBD capsules are taken the same way – by swallowing 1-2 with water. The manufacturer will typically provide instructions on the label regarding when to take them.
The Pros: Unlike CBD oils, capsules are tasteless. It’s a familiar way to take supplements, so there’s no learning curve. The manufacturer has also done the hard work for you in measuring out the CBD, so you know exactly how much cannabidiol you’re getting in each capsule. The pre-measured dose means no fuss and no mess.
The Cons: Some people might find CBD capsules a little boring, which can make it difficult to form a consistent habit. This isn’t good for an optimal CBD experience. Plus, the nature of ingesting capsules means that they take longer to kick in – up to 2 hours.

CBD Edible

CBD edibles are the way to go for those who want something more exciting. CBD gummies are the mainstay in this industry, with various exciting options to choose from. Most brands with CBD for sale will have at least one gummies option.
Alternatively, there is now a wide variety of CBD edibles for sale. The list includes brownies, honey, and chocolates, all infused with CBD.
In terms of beverages, users can now buy CBD-infused water, tea, coffee, and even beer. The list is quite possibly endless!
The Pros: CBD edibles are, of course, delicious. Users often look forward to consuming them, making it easy to form a habit. There are now so many edibles to choose from that you don’t need to compromise on enjoyment, either. Like capsules, the measurements have often been done for you, so there’s no guesswork or math involved.
The Cons: Edibles must first bypass the digestive system before the CBD becomes usable. As a result, they take up to 2 hours for the effects to work. Plus, some CBD is lost along the way, so the bioavailability is pretty low. Finally, it isn’t easy to adjust the dosage as required.

CBD Vapes

Another popular option is to vape CBD. Proponents often tout this as an alternative option for people who already vape with nicotine products. The argument is that you can use CBD in place of nicotine because it may even reduce withdrawal symptoms.
There are some fantastic pros to vaping, but it’s probably not the best option if you don’t already vape. There are some safety concerns regarding long-term vaping. Furthermore, buying a brand-new vape pen to take up the habit can be expensive.
The Pros: CBD vapes come in various delicious flavors, which are fantastic for people seeking enjoyment out of their CBD. There are multiple ways to vape, too, be it with disposable pens or high-tech box mods. Vaping also offers a high bioavailability rate, and the effects are rapid.
The Cons: For those who don’t already vape, it can be an expensive habit to take up. Plus, there are some concerns about the safety of vaping long term. Finally, it can be tricky to determine how much CBD you are using at any one time, making consistency a challenge.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are the favored product among athletes and people with chronic pain. It requires no ingestion of the cannabidiol whatsoever; the user simply applies it to their skin.
There are numerous varieties of CBD topicals, the most common being creams and lotions. Roll-ons, bath bombs, and pain gels are also increasingly available. Many topicals are imbued with a variety of other ingredients, too.
Pain creams, for example, tend to contain menthol or capsaicin, while CBD cosmetics are likely to contain various scents and moisturizing ingredients.
The Pros: If you have a skin, muscle, or joint issue, topicals are definitely the way to go. The CBD doesn’t go through the digestive system, so it’s all reserved for the area you’re trying to target. Plus, with most topicals, you can offer localized relief.
The Cons: If you’re aiming for overall health and wellness, topicals are pretty pointless; they only help with surface-level issues. Those with skin conditions might want to avoid a lot of topicals on the market, as the added ingredients might trigger a flare-up. That said, there are plenty of products formulated for sensitive skin.

Other CBD Products

The CBD for sale covered in this list only scratches the surface of what’s available on the market. Users may encounter a variety of other items, including:

  • CBD-infused clothing
  • CBD makeup
  • CBD toothpicks
  • CBD lube
  • CBD candles
  • CBD pillows and bedding
  • CBD protein
  • CBD pet products

There are so many CBD items out there that it’s impossible not to fall in love with at least one of them.
One of the key factors to getting the most out of CBD is forming a consistent habit, so it’s vital to pick a product you love. It’s also imperative to find a brand that’s reputable and high-quality, or you’ll likely have an unsuccessful CBD experience.


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