Inside the Peachy Keen experience

It takes you back. And even if you were not there the first time around, it feels like it. Peachy Keen, Times Square’s latest over-the-top dining experience is all 1970s. The colors. The patterns. The vibe. Everything takes you back to a time when colors, patterns and vibes were everything. The sprawling Peachy Keen restaurant—with […]

Pandemic accelerates AI to give developers more predictable outcomes

The global pandemic has been a catalyst for tech adoption in the commercial real estate industry. The unexpected disruptions that spread through the market was a wakeup call for tech-averse firms more comfortable with gut-instinct handshake deals, than data-driven decisions governed by analytics that get project teams easier, more predictable outcomes.

Our conversation with Brahma Roofing & Construction’s Stephanie Pouse

Stephanie Pouse grew up on construction sites, shadowing her father and now business partner, Roy, since hard hats were bigger than her head. In doing so, she grew to appreciate the hard work and overall impact she witnessed. In her efforts to help build abroad, Pouse continued to explore the impact buildings can have on […]

Creating pandemic resilient workplaces

Offices across the country continue to try and get back to business as usual. While businesses are providing options for employees to work remotely either full-time or in a hybrid environment, many workers are ready to return to the camaraderie, teamwork and mentorship found with in-person work. Since safety measures against a novel virus weren’t […]

Inside Third & Urban’s West Nashville Sylvan Supply mixed use project

Development. Consulting. Management. Third & Urban is an Atlanta-based developer that builds communities. It builds the kind of communities that anchor people, not just city blocks—communities that retain context, history and experience, not just tenants. In each development, these communities help build a connection between the area and the culture. Such was the case with […]

Industry execs say pandemic experience will help in long run

There is no denying that the past year has had its share of challenges. But as the commercial construction market slowly makes its way to the next level, some of the industry’s leading women professionals say there are ways to learn from the experience.