Cabinets You Won’t Want to Skip for A New Kitchen

A place for everything and everything in its place. A kitchen with good storage goes beyond having a lot of cabinets. The idea is for the cabinets to operate as strategic storage units that enhance efficiency. Maintaining optimal function in your kitchen is all about accessibility within your work zones, convenience of use, and reducing how much you need to move around so you can focus on what really matters: excellent meals and wonderful company.

In this article you can find out more about cabinets must-haves you won’t want to skip for your new kitchen.

Double Trash Pull-Out

Whether you're renovating your kitchen or building new, a concealed trash basket should be part of your design. In fact, it is the first "must have" cabinet in each kitchen. A perfect design would ideally incorporate a double or two-bin garbage unit, with one bin for trash and one for recycle. Most double units take up about 18 inches of space, making them easy to incorporate into most designs. If something smaller is needed, a single trash is a fall back option, only requiring 15 inches of space.

Super Susan Cabinets

Super Susans are 90-degree corner cabinets with two separate shelves and a pie-cut carousel that revolves 360 degrees. Each shelf can contain a surprising amount of kitchen items; ideal for pots and pans, small kitchen gadgets, and more. Because each carousel is on its own shelf, it can support up to 75 pounds of weight. Of course, there are more possibilities for specialized applications, such as deep bins, chrome rails, and even segmented sections. A Super Susan is considerable more efficient for storage than even blind corner cabinets. That is because it allows you to use the most amount of space, a corner has to offer.

Envision your dream kitchen and let the experts deliver it to you. You have hundreds of cabinet storage options at your disposal. Leaving cabinet assembly to highly trained professionals eliminates the risk of error, ensuring that you have high-quality cabinets to enjoy for many years. Consider investing in high-quality bespoke craftsmanship constructed in Cedar Park, where you can choose from a wide range of kitchen cabinet options.

Roll-out Pantries

An addition of a pantry is like adding an additional 2-3 cabinets worth of storage. It gives you floor to ceiling storage for cans, jars, dry goods and more. The amount you can store in such a small amount of space is absolutely amazing. Alternatively, rolling shelves provide homeowners with various ways to store and easily access commonly used items in the kitchen. Some of the most popular uses include: blind corner organizer, tray dividers, pantry organizers, spice storage, utensil organizer and appliance pullouts.

Vertical Dividers

Vertical dividers are great for storing a variety of large, flat things, such as cutting boards, cookie sheets, muffin tins, platters, baking pans, pie dishes, large lids, and even cooling racks. Many units are customizable, allowing you to rearrange the dividers in the most effective way.

Vertical dividers like this are frequently used in the top section of tall cabinets, such as an oven cabinet, pantry, or deep refrigerator upper. They can also be utilized in small base cabinets 9 to 12 inches wide where a drawer stack would be inconvenient.

Sink Based Cabinets

A sink base cabinet is a cabinet made specifically for use with a sink. The cabinet's design is determined by the type of sink that will be fitted. A sink base cabinet is designed specifically for use with a sink. The lack of a rear panel on the cabinet provides for easy access to the plumbing. Sink base cabinets also lack drawers, which would interfere with the water lines, waste traps, and any other pipes located beneath the sink.

Toe Kick Drawer

With a toe kick drawer, you can make the most of every inch of room! This extra storage space may be added to most cabinets, transforming the usual toe kick area into an extra storage drawer directly at the floor. It will open with a simple tap of the foot, requiring no hands or hardware.

The sky is the limit when it comes to outfitting your dream kitchen with everything you desire. Find out about your options, and design them into your room so your work stations functional optimally for you and the way you use the kitchen.

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