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Building Owners Need To Understand Pipe Restoration

Building Owners Need To Understand Pipe Restoration

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While water conservation is a hot topic among many today, many know that water contamination has also become a growing issue. The nation was shocked when news broke of the Flint water crisis. The U.S. Congress banned using lead water pipes 30 years ago, but the rule applies only to new water pipes, and millions of older ones remain in use. Replacement can be costly, and not all cities and businesses have the financial means to do it. The problem is not easy to solve, but at least these water crisis reports have raised awareness of the issue, and it may lead to safer drinking water throughout the United States in the future. Indeed, the nation’s aging infrastructure and growing population require larger pipes to move more water and bring solutions to the forefront.
How Experts Restore Plumbing
It’s essential to trust the experts when knowing if pipe repair is needed. Issues older properties might notice can include discolored drinking water, frequent leaks, or slow drains. Pipe rehabilitation has been around for decades. There are new alternatives to the out of date method of tearing into walls and floors to rip out old plumbing and insert new pipes. The goal of pipe restoration is to repair leaks, remove corrosion and seal loose joints. Doing this prevents corroded metals from entering the water supply. By sealing leaks in water and drainage pipes, the restoration also prevents water damage. Restored lines can then produce good drainage and water pressure.
“Many people don’t know that lead contributors, such as lead solder in copper piping systems and brass fixtures, can leach lead at levels that exceed the EPA’s cut off levels, making the water dangerous for consumption,” expert Larry Gillanders said. “Our goal is to provide multi-faceted education to our clients about lead leaching and lead contributors. We administer water sampling to test a client’s water system for lead, an analysis of the pipe system’s health, remediation recommendations of possible lead contributors, and then our team carries out the repairs as required.”
Effective Commercial Solutions
Unlike a repipe, installing the right product can be non-invasive, economical, cost-effective, and non-disruptive. The patented ePIPE method is a lead-free, leak-free process that reduces lead and copper leaching to well below the EPA’s cut off levels. When using the ePIPE method, a fast-curing barrier coating is applied to the pipes’ interior, bringing lead and copper leaching to safe levels, while also protecting against pinhole leaks. It can provide an effective solution for restoring leaking and corroded water pipes in commercial properties, hotels, health-care facilities, and schools.
The patented system is based on in-place pipe restoration technology. Pipes are accessed through existing plumbing fixtures and valves, nearly or entirely eliminating the need to cut open walls and ceilings. They can even isolate sections of the piping system, allowing the remainder of the property to continue operations during the restoration. Commercial projects can be completed in phases, tailored to the customers’ needs. All educational facilities, commercial buildings, industrial structures, and residential properties should take advantage of this outstanding technology.
Traditional Or Flexible Concrete Options
Not all professionals offer the same quality, efficiency, or superior products when making repairs. When new plumbing projects or repairs are needed, the invention of flexible concrete has become popular among contractors. It provides more durability, is longer lasting, and can shift with both earthquakes and temperature changes. Other positives noted include flexibility, resistance to cracking, and needs less steel reinforcement. Traditional concrete is sometimes the best choice because it’s more cost-effective, requires easier access to its materials, requires less expertise, and depends on building location.
Whether it be new construction or repairs, it’s essential to do your research when choosing a company that will get the job done on time, correctly, and ensure work that will last. You deserve the reassurance that repairs are done with accuracy while keeping the project on schedule and within budget. That being said, Restore My Pipes is an excellent choice in providing expertly trained contractors, excellent customer service, are accredited with the BBB, and independently ranked in the top 1% of California licensed contractors. You have choices when it comes to finding solutions to plumbing concerns. With a bit of research, education, and time, you’ll be able to ensure your property’s safety and stability stands firm.


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