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Building an Effective Construction Management Strategy

Building an Effective Construction Management Strategy

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A good strategy is key to the success of any build  

When it comes to a successful build, an effective construction management strategy is vital. Without one, inefficiency and poor productivity measures can mean that the project sinks. To stay ahead of the curve and ensure the success of the build, use these top tips for implementing an effective construction management strategy.
Build off-site
There is a growing trend towards using prefab and modular builds which are easily constructed offsite, significantly reducing the work to be done on-site and the time it takes to do it. These types of builds are the perfect way to combine modern technology and quality construction with efficient building methods.
Pick your players
You know that old saying – teamwork makes the dream work? Yes, it’s corny! But it’s true. Having an experienced, dedicated team is half of the battle. The right people can make the difference between a project completing efficiently, on time and within budget, or not finishing at all. It can be tough finding quality team players, but by building up a strong network of connections within the industry you should be able to find the perfect people without looking too hard.
Healthy competition
Even the best team will need a little extra motivation every now and then, so introduce an element of fun by bringing in some healthy competition. Create some achievable goals with prizes to boost engagement and give everyone something to work towards. This kind of motivation brings some levity to the project and encourages the team to work efficiently and effectively to achieve a great result.
Practice strategy-based games
Strategy games such as sudoku, chess, or poker have a level of logical thinking that can initially seem extremely complex, but they can be broken down into a number of simple steps. Starting by playing these games in your spare time can be a super-fast way to get your brain into strategy mode. They require a great deal of skill and logical thinking which are ideal for helping you to get into a strategic mindset for the workplace. By regularly analyzing patterns and applying learned concepts in a game, the mind quickly learns to apply those techniques to the day job as well.

Construction success relies on having a great team 

Stay on top of the paperwork
Anyone who works in construction knows that there is a serious amount of paperwork involved with each project. If the paperwork becomes an unmanageable issue, it can cause delays which in turn reduces the efficiency of the build. Use the right construction software, always deal with paperwork as it arises, and have a competent team ready to deal with any ongoing administrative tasks.
Take care of regular training
Training is essential to ensure consistency across the board. Even the most experienced building professionals need to stay up to date with the latest regulations and techniques, so ensure that your team has access to regular training programs to enable them to achieve projects on time and within budget. Though it may seem like an expensive outlay, training is worth the investment as it will ensure that your builds are managed effectively.
Carry out visits
When there is so much to be done in the office, it can be tempting to stay there and manage the project from afar. However, regular site visits not only keep you informed of what’s happening with the build, but it also gives you the opportunity to motivate the team and work towards preventing costly delays and potential errors. Good communication is the foundation of teamwork, so by regularly showing your face at the site, you will build a rapport with the team which will help them to feel more invested in the project.
Great construction management is a delicate balance of timekeeping, project organization, good communication, and administrative techniques. It can be a complex procedure, but with the right strategy and methods in place, you can ensure that the build goes as smoothly as possible for your team.


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