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Boost Wellness with These Interior Design Tips

Boost Wellness with These Interior Design Tips

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Regardless of whether you’re building your home from the ground up, renovating it, or changing small details about it, perhaps you want some design tips that can boost wellness. For example, you might have heard of the biophilic approach to design. It resolves around the notion of humans needing to be in nature in order to feel good. Moreover, there are some other elements that you can also incorporate in the design to have a home that encourages your well-being. Take a look.

Let in plenty of fresh air

For starters, don’t overlook the importance of fresh air. Even if you don’t feel like going outside, you should still get plenty of air. It can be very useful for boosting your mood, calming you down, and clearing your head.

Seeing as how indoor air can contain various pollutants such as gases, odors, dust, and moisture, you might not be breathing fresh air unless you open up your windows. If your current home comes with small windows that are not easy to open, you can consider a remodeling project and replace the current ones with bigger models. If you’re building a home from the ground up, you should plan on including large windows that will make it easy to air out all of the rooms. What is more, you don’t want to overlook ventilation. If you don’t already have one, you should add a working ventilation system that will get rid of all smells and prevent condensation. If you’re renting and don’t have a way to ventilate, try reducing the sources of pollution by not smoking indoors and not preparing food that comes with a lingering bad smell.

Bring in natural light

Just like fresh air is vital for our well-being so is natural light. We often don’t think about it, but being exposed to sunlight helps our bodies produce serotonin and melatonin. The former can improve our mood while the latter is responsible for quality sleep. If the levels of these hormones are off, we tend to feel more anxious and depressed.

To bring in natural light, you also want big windows in the rooms where you spend most of your time. Moreover, it’s crucial that you’re able to open them frequently, seeing as how our bodies cannot get the necessary vitamin D through the rays that go through closed windows. When renovating, you can consider adding a few skylights, as that means that the light will not be blocked by the surrounding trees and buildings. Lastly, remember to get sheer window treatments that will not stop the light from coming in.

Use natural materials

Using natural materials around your home comes with many perks. You can feel closer to nature by adding various elements around the place. For example, you can get new flooring like cork, bamboo, or hardwood. Natural stone is another option to keep in mind. Opting for sustainable alternatives is always a good move, as you also want to think about the environment. However, make sure the choice you decide on can handle the foot traffic and humidity of your home.

As not everyone has the means for a grand renovation, you might be also looking for some smaller décor ideas. With that in mind, consider upgrading the bathroom with some accessories like organic cotton towels, wooden bath caddies, and bamboo bath mats. You can also refinish some exposed wood, get new faces for your kitchen cabinets, lay down some jute rugs, and find new or used rattan items.

Opt for a nature-inspired color palette

In addition to natural materials, you can also think about using a nature-inspired color palette in your home. You might have heard that different colors can have different effects on our mood, so it’s essential to pick the right ones for a calming home that will meet your needs.

For one, no matter which shade of wood you prefer, it’s easy to incorporate through floors, furniture, cabinets, and various accents. However, if you like carpets or tiles more, you can also turn to oranges and greens are they are also reminiscent of nature. Plus, it’s very easy to paint the walls in whichever color you find soothing. Most people use greens and blues for this purpose, but you can also use earthy tones like browns, beiges, greys, and off-whites. From a yellow sofa to mimic sunlight to blue chairs that resemble the sky all the way to green blankets that can help you feel like you’re in a field, there are so many ways how you can feel closer to the great outdoors.

Get a lot of greenery

Besides all the materials and colors that come from nature, you can implement nature in another way too. Of course, we’re talking about greenery. Fortunately, there are numerous ways how you can use plants around your home and feel like you’re actually outside.

For instance, you can get some houseplants to fill every single empty corner or gap on the bookshelves. There are countless varieties to choose from, regardless of how much light a room gets. You can look into low-light alternatives like the ZZ plant, snake plant, or dieffenbachia. Perhaps you’d prefer vining plants like pothos and heartleaf philodendron. You can also make a statement with a large fiddle leaf fig or monstera. On the other hand, you can look into colorful floral arrangements that can be delivered to your home every week or so, in case you don’t have time to properly take care of even the low-maintenance varieties.

Introduce a water feature

Something else you can think about implementing in your home is a water feature. Water is commonly found in nature so you can look for a way to add it to your everyday environment too. Moreover, its sounds can be very calming, while, according to feng shui, it can also invite prosperity.

There are a few ways for you to approach this. For one, you can look online and in local shops for some premade fountains that would fit your space perfectly. On the other hand, you can search for tutorials online and make one by yourself that will be exactly what you need. Even an aquarium can serve this purpose if you can’t find anything else. No matter the option you go with, it will surely be an interesting focal point.

Add some interesting art

In case you are working with a small space, you might not be able to do much in terms of adding various features. Then, there is nothing better than introducing some art to the walls.

Luckily, the options abound when it comes to nature-inspired art. From paintings that depict various nature scenes to photos that include beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and forests, your choices are unlimited. You can turn to a local artist or make it yourself. There is even the option of sculptures and macramé that can work great in some spaces.

Inspire movement with the design

We should all be aware of the fact that physical activity is vital for our well-being. With that in mind, you should look for design elements that will encourage movement.

For one, you can include a gym in your home. If you’re building from scratch, it shouldn’t be too difficult to add to the blueprints. On the other hand, perhaps you can add a few equipment pieces to a spare room and turn it into a gym when necessary. However, you can also rely on architecture and design for this. For instance, you can build your home on several levels and include stairs here and there so that you’re still getting some movement even when stuck inside for a couple of days.

Include spaces that encourage interactions

A part of staying healthy is having a social life. While you don’t constantly have to be surrounded by people, being lonely is also not good, which is why you can think about including spaces that encourage interaction in your home.

For example, if you have neighbors over, an easily accessible living room where you can all fit and communicate would be amazing. For family meals, an informal dining space or seats around the kitchen island can all work great to create positive connections.

Create a little retreat

On a smaller budget, you will probably not be able to renovate every single part of your home to inspire wellness. In that case, you want to at least have one room where you can go to escape the world and restore your peace of mind.

When it comes to this sanctuary, you can use all of the above-mentioned tips. Think about luxury bathhouses, calming spas, and tranquil meditation rooms. They would probably incorporate materials like natural stone and wood, add some greenery, and use soothing colors. You can use these elements to create a space for yourself that can help you recharge your batteries and feel at one with nature.

From incorporating nature in countless forms to encouraging movement and socialization, there are different ways how you can use interior design to boost your well-being. Keep these tips in mind when you start your project.


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