Best Walkie Talkies for Construction

Walkie Talkies have always had a strong presence in the construction industry. Site workers depend on them to communicate throughout sites to relay important information and for health and safety purposes.  Preppers also use survival walkie talkie during emergency situations. Walkie Talkies are very vital for security at construction sites.
Operating over PMR446 frequencies, walkie talkies are free to transmit over, allowing them to offer a cost-effective two-way communication solution. 
There are, however, times when the site requiring radios will work across a bigger location, meaning licensed radios will be required to deliver the required communication solution 
Licensed radios provide transmission across a further distance over frequencies dedicated to the user. Thanks to the Ofcom license, priced at £75 for five years, this eliminates any chance of channel interference.  
Because license free walkie talkies operate on the free PMR446 frequencies, licensed radios are also recommended for building sites situated in cities to reduce the risk of interference from potential walkie talkie users nearby.  
See the list of walkie talkies recommended by Radio Solutions that are widely used by the construction industry and the sites they are suited to.  

Small Remote Sites (License Free) 


The Motorola XT420 walkie talkie is designed for business professionals. With the look of a licensed two-way radio, the XT420 is robust and designed to withstand tough environments. Making it a popular choice for construction sites. Meeting an IP55 rating, the radio is both dust and weatherproof.  
Additional features of the XT420 include a carry holster, voice scrambling for privacy, up to 20 hours of battery life and more. 


Part of the same series as the XT420, the Motorola XT460 also delivers the same high-quality performance in harsh working environments along with noisy areas. 
The difference in the XT460 is the LCD channel display for additional ease of use when skipping through the channels.  

Larger Sites and Cities (Licensed) 


Motorola DP1400 radios are reliable and robust, with exceptional audio and battery life to provide consistent connectivity for construction workers on site. The radios are IP54 rated to ensure reliable communication whilst in tougher working conditions. 
A transmit interrupt feature means critical communications can be prioritized when required. Choose between the analogue and digital versions. 
 Some additional features of the DP1400 include a large push-to-talk button for easy operation, two programmable buttons, lone worker and tri-color LEDs for clear visual feedback.  


DP4400e radios from Motorola are high powered and digital. With a dust cover and IP68 rating, making it another popular choice for the construction industry.  
Also including a transmit interrupt, lone worker and large push-to-talk button, the DP4400e is easy to use and has three programmable buttons to improve the simplicity of use.  
The DP4400e radio also has an emergency button to provide extra security and features intelligent audio. This allows the radio volume to adjust automatically to help minimize background noise when communicating.  
Other available versions in the DP4000 series include a full keypad and a limited.  
For additional features such as location tracking and a man down option, there is also the DP401e model available.  


Occasionally there may even be situations where the construction site extends even further than what licensed radios can do alone. Sites like these could be over large sections of motorways, for example.  
In these instances, repeaters will help boost the range of the licensed radio fleet across the site. Radio engineers will conduct a site survey and provide the correct solution for the environment.  
Radio Solutions offer all of the walkie talkies commonly used by the construction industry, with an expert team at hand to advise on the best solution for the requirements. If the radios require a license, the team will apply for this on the customer’s behalf, along with a team of professional engineers who will program the radios and be available for support and maintenance throughout. 
Give the team a call on 01745 335811 to discuss your walkie talkie requirements.  

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