Vinyl weatherboard cladding is one of the forms of cladding. As cladding comes in various forms like aluminum, steel, and PVC cladding. But what exactly is cladding? Cladding is a coating or covering on a structure (usually exterior walls) used to protect it from natural elements like wind and rain.

What is Vinyl Weatherboard Cladding?

Vinyl weatherboard cladding is a form of cladding made from PVC or plastic and other chemical substances. They are often an alternative to plank weatherboards, which are made from wood. With these various types of cladding available, why should a homeowner choose vinyl weatherboard cladding instead of the others?

Benefits of Vinyl Weatherboard


Vinyl weatherboards are very durable claddings. It maintains its color and never fades because it has no base coating that gives its color. Also, vinyl weatherboards can last for years in the harshest environments. As it never rusts, warps, corrode or rots as metal, stone, brick, or wood claddings do. In the area of durability, Vinyl cladding is clearly the superior option.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance is one of the best advantages of using vinyl cladding. As these weatherboards do not need repainting and never fade. Vinyl weatherboards look great year in year out, without needing replacement. It is virtually maintenance-free, and the most maintenance it would need is occasional cleaning.


If affordability is a factor in your decision of which weatherboard to use, then vinyl weatherboards are your best bet. It is one of the most affordable cladding options available, as one can clad their home for far less than they would if it were other materials.

High Resistant

In line with Vinyl cladding durability, it is resistant to a couple of natural elements. First off, it has a high resistance to fire because it is harder to ignite and easy to extinguish, which is an excellent protection for homes. Secondly, it can withstand strong winds and rapid temperature changes. Lastly, UV protection and resistance make it the perfect option for beach houses.

Energy Saving

Vinyl weatherboards provide energy efficiency through the insulation factors combined with the material. It is warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. This helps the homeowner reduce the energy used in keeping heaters and air-conditioning running during the seasons.


Vinyl claddings are very stylish as it highlights the best features of homes. This is because vinyl is flexible and can be styled to suit the exact design of any home. That way, one can retain the exterior aesthetics of their home while providing protection against the elements. Also, there are diverse colors, textures options to choose from.

Environmentally Friendly

Vinyl weatherboards are sustainable products. As they are made from waste materials and are 100% recyclable. This makes Vinyl cladding the perfect choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. As it benefits the environment in its production and in use through energy efficiency.

Easy to install

The installation process of vinyl weatherboards is quick and easy to carry out. As the installation can be done by nailing or gumming the boards over existing materials.


Vinyl weatherboard cladding offers the best option when durability and efficiency are the main priorities while allowing you to save money.

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