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Benefits Of Using Venetian Paints

Benefits Of Using Venetian Paints

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Venetian plaster has a timeless elegance, soft and earthy, and has subtle texture. It is also ageless and is in use since the time of Ancient Egypt and Greece! Additionally, in the Renaissance period, the Italians residing in Venice made extensive use of Venetian plaster. This plaster is the best option for finishing the walls because of its long-lasting beauty and durability. In this article we present some of the advantages of using Venetian plaster in your house!

It absorbs Carbon Dioxide

In reality, Venetian plaster is a putty made of water and fired limestone, which produces lime plaster. When lime plaster is applied to walls or ceilings, it comes into contact with and absorbs CO2 from its surroundings. After absorbing the CO2, the mixture returns to limestone. Over time, it gets harder due to this cyclical process. Stronger walls and less CO2 are a win-win situation!

Regulates humidity

You would have assumed Venetian plaster to be as unyielding as rock despite its extreme hardness. It is breathable, in actuality! This small feature of Venetian plaster reduces heat and humidity in your house by allowing moisture to escape from the substrate. Venetian plaster dries quickly and keeps moisture from getting trapped, even in bathrooms. Thanks to Venetian Plaster, you can enjoy cooler temperatures at home!

Mould and mildew prevention

Venetian plaster, a wall finish made of lime, has an alkaline nature. Because Venetian plaster has high pH value and acts as a natural fungicide, you don’t have to think about ugly mold growing over time.


Suppose you buy a new house and paint it in all the vibrant colors! But before moving in, you need to wait for the repulsive smell to go away. With Venetian plaster, there won’t be any issues because it is all made with natural ingredients! In contrast to paint, which is manufactured chemically, Venetian plaster is derived from natural materials like marble dust and lime. That way, Venetian plaster will not have any residue odour.


Of all the surfaces, Venetian plaster has got to be the easiest to clean: just give the surfaces a quick wipe down with a moist cloth, and they’ll look very new! The upkeep is minimal because even deep scuffs can be cleaned with mineral wool. To help keep dirt off the plaster, you can even apply some wax finish, which will require even less maintenance!


Most interior surfaces and substrates can be painted with Venetian plasters; exterior surfaces can also be painted with its variants like Grassello plaster. Because of its resilience to heat and moisture, grassello is a great material for any kitchen or bathroom, providing a gorgeous finish that will look great for years to come.

Sound insulation

Additionally beneficial to sound insulation, venetian plaster lowers noise levels within your house. If your family is active or you live in a noisy neighborhood, this feature will come in handy.

Customized colors

The color of your Venetian plaster can be chosen to match the style of your home’s décor. Because of their adaptability, your walls will match your décor perfectly.


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