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Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

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Thermal imaging is a maintenance strategy that is used in a variety of different industries including construction, engineering, and manufacturing. Sometimes referred to as thermography, thermal imaging involves capturing infrared radiation emitted by objects and converting it into a visual representation.

Find out how thermal imaging can benefit your business, plus more about how it works below.

What are thermal imaging cameras?

Thermal imaging cameras, as briefly touched on above, are devices that capture and display infrared radiation, otherwise known as heat, emitted by both objects and surfaces.

Unlike standard cameras that capture visible light, thermal imaging cameras detect and visualize heat signatures based on any object’s temperature differences.

The main components of a thermal imaging camera are as follows:

  • An infrared sensor array
  • Optics and lens
  • An image processor
  • A display screen
  • Colour mapping

What are the applications of thermal imaging cameras?

Thermal Surveys have various applications in a wide range of fields, including:

  • Electrical inspections
  • Building inspections
  • Industrial predictive maintenance
  • Firefighting
  • Search and rescue
  • Medical imaging
  • Security and law enforcement
  • Energy efficiency
  • Wildlife monitoring

What are the benefits of thermal imaging?

1. To uncover hidden problems

Thermal imaging is highly effective at identifying possible defects within the heat spread of a building. For example, if there are any air leaks that are not easily noticeable, a thermal imaging camera will be able to spot these quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.

If you are using thermal imaging to find air leaks, it is recommended to check around the roof, windows, and doors of a property for temperature changes.

2. To perform inspections

If you are building a new home or an extension of an existing building, thermal imaging can be used to identify any issues with the transfer of heat which could cause the property to lose heat a lot faster. They can also be used to identify structural defects such as moisture intrusion which can lead to mold growth.

Furthermore, as thermal imaging cameras are portable, you can easily use them to assess moisture damage in different areas of a property.

3. To detect electrical faults

The sooner you detect an electrical fault in a building, the better; both in terms of safety and cost. However, these can sometimes be tricky to identify.

Thermal imaging easily allows you to find overloaded or overheated circuits, as well as motor bearing faults or failures. It is also highly effective at finding faults in their early stages before they become more problematic.

4. To optimize heating and cooling

Thermal imaging is often used to check HVAC systems to improve performance and to identify any problems in heating, cooling, and ventilation. This, in turn, can help to make homes more energy efficient by reducing their overall energy consumption.


Thermal imaging cameras are highly versatile, practical, and cost-effective, making them a valuable tool for various industries and professionals. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or emergency services, you should definitely consider investing in thermal imaging technology.


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