Benefits of Temporary Suspended Ceilings: A Comprehensive Guide

Temporary Suspended Ceilings are in great demand in cities across the world as the metropolitan population increases by the day leading to a meteoric rise in construction. They are a multi-use tool and a great friend to any good building contractor. On a construction site, they have many uses and can be utilized to protect equipment and workers across the site against roofing debris and dust. They are both flexible and waterproof and are ideal against the elements. Construction work generates potential contaminants such as ceiling dust, debris, dirt, metal shavings, and shards of roof decks that can fall inside. These can contaminate pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages, or other sensitive products manufactured, stored, or displayed. Apart from the products, the expensive equipment, systems, and people inside the building are also affected adversely by the debris falling from the ceiling.  Temporary suspended ceilings are an effective solution to these challenges as they allow the work to continue safely without disrupting operating schedules, thus preventing shutdowns and loss in production. A temporarily suspended ceiling is a great option for the safety of the client’s assets below when remodeling or reroofing are required whilst making sure downtime is to a minimum. They can also be used as temporary ceilings for the basement and warehouse ceiling cover. Therefore, professionally installed dust and debris containment has a great many benefits as most industrial and commercial roofing contractors will testify from experience, and is worth the time and money investment and easy to market. Given here are the benefits of temporary suspended ceilings.

Easy to Install

Temporarily suspended ceilings are easy to install due to their durability, flexibility, and ease of installation procedure taking a few hours only.

Prevention of Health Hazards

Dust is a common health hazard in construction sites. Harmful chemicals like silica dust and asbestos only add further to the risk. Prolonged exposure to these harmful chemicals and others can lead to serious chronic respiratory illnesses. To ensure a safe working environment for your employees, the importance of suppressing these harmful elements cannot be highlighted enough. Construction dust and airborne contaminants like respirable crystalline silica if inhaled over a long period of time can lead to acute and chronic illnesses like silicosis and lung cancer which causes workers to retire early. Even during their work life frequent sick leaves can lead to a loss in production or output. Temporary suspended ceilings reduce the worker's exposure to these contaminates thereby greatly decreasing the incidences of these illnesses. By installing temporarily suspended ceilings before the commencement of any renovation project, the risk of dust, odor, contamination, and debris to your employees and/or products and services, is eliminated.

Adherence to Safety Standards and Protocols

The government has created regulations requiring adherence to certain safety measures for all commercial and residential construction projects, including construction dust containment. If the correct procedures are not followed or do not meet health code standards to ensure a safe working environment for all your employees, and your employee becomes ill due to improper protection, you are under liability. This could damage your reputation or you may even end up losing your construction company simply because the construction dust containment solution you applied was cheap and ineffective. 

Do not Impair Fire Suppression Systems

Due to certain features such as Hot Drop Away and Green Drop Away, they do not impair fire suppression systems as they are feared to.

Prevention of Falling Roofing Debris

Any object dropping from a great height no matter how small can be potentially dangerous to people working below. These can be shingles, nails, metal shards, offcuts, pieces of concrete, glass, or wood, or even an accidentally dropped tool. Temporary Suspended Ceilings prevent such workplace hazards that may lead to losses in terms of liabilities and compensation. 

Prevent Exposure of Equipment to Moisture

A common issue construction workers face with their equipment and materials left lying around is that it leaves them exposed to moisture causing them to rust. Temporary Suspended Ceilings can protect the equipment and materials from the morning dew, rain, hail, or snow from above. 

Provide Resilience Against Weather

Temporary Suspended Ceilings are resilient against the weather and aid in the protection of people, equipment, and materials from above. Roofs are always put up after the construction of walls. During this long period, the interior of the building is left exposed to the weather from above, percolation of rainwater, causing damage to exposed wall beams or drying gyprock. Temporary suspended ceilings provide a temporary roof and prevent any rain or moisture from getting in.

Avoid Disruption to Your Business During Renovation/ Expansion

Facility managers and Business owners often need to expand or renovate their space, but are unable to shut down operations, during a project. Temporary suspended ceilings allow your business and production to continue unabated, by containing dust and debris during construction. 

Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Environment

Temporary suspended ceilings provide a healthy and safe environment in active occupied facilities during construction by containing dust pollution. They can give your employees a good work environment that is free from wind, rain, and other rigorous weather conditions.

Cost Savings

Temporary suspended ceilings eliminate any potential damage to your business property, systems, and equipment, or loss in production resulting in cost savings.

Maintenance of Aesthetics

Construction sites are not very pleasant to look at, aesthetically speaking. Roofing debris such as metal shards, nails, etc. left lying around can only add further to the mess and threaten worker safety. Temporary Suspended Ceilings allow the debris to accumulate in plastic sheets that can be conveniently disposed of at the end of the project.

Companies providing Temporary Suspended Ceilings and other Interior Protection Systems not only provide the best services for homes or commercial establishments but also give assistance and important information besides providing customized solutions. Temporary suspended ceilings are therefore a good investment and make great business sense, all benefits considered.

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