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Benefits of Commercial Concrete Resurfacing

Benefits of Commercial Concrete Resurfacing

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Commercial concrete surfaces are usually built where the environment is often harsh and demanding. Even though it can be said that concrete is one of the more sustainable from all the flooring options, it still gives in to wear and tear over time. Constant heavy traffic, frequent exposure to chemicals and liquids, as well as susceptibility to abrasions, are just some of the factors that contribute to the eventual wearing down of the surface.
This is where our expertise in Concrete Resurfacing St. Louis comes in. The application of exterior decorative overlays is sure to do wonders for your erstwhile old and worn out concrete surfaces. As a commercial owner, you will surely benefit from performing a concrete resurfacing project, which makes it a worthy investment for your property.
Some of these benefits are:
Renews, Restores, Revamps
The last thing you want is to have outdated, worn-out, and aging concrete surfaces in your commercial space. It is proven that having such surfaces is terrible for business operations. Through concrete resurfacing, you’re effectively providing a brand new exterior that is both functional and stylish for your floors.
In the event that cracks, stains, and breaking (spalling) are visible, they will also be fixed up during surface preparation before the resurfacing project commences.
Best of all, these things can be done without the need to replace the existing concrete surface.
Extends the service life of your concrete surfaces
Every worn concrete surface deserves a new lease of life. Through the process of concrete resurfacing, the durability and resilience of the surface are increased, making it more resistant to deterioration.
Also, the applied coating or overlay provides an additional layer of protection for your concrete floors. The protective layer keeps the concrete from absorbing moisture and protects it against many other damaging factors as well.
By far, it is more economical to resurface a concrete floor rather than perform a complete removal or replacement. This makes concrete resurfacing the most practical option to extend the life of aging concrete surfaces.
Concrete resurfacing presents a lasting solution that can be accomplished even with a reasonably low budget. The resurfacing process offers an alternative solution to re-coating and replacement but not as expensive. Also, the labor costs involved are more economical since the required amount of human resources is also a lot less. Finally, since maintenance and repairs are no longer needed frequently, you can allocate the budget to your other needs.
These reasons make for an excellent return of investment for your business.
Versatility of the overlays
The basic concept of overlays involves applying a decorative layer on top of an existing surface. Hence, it makes perfect sense that they turn regular resurfacing projects into an artistic expression. What’s unique with the technique is, it can be applied to a variety of mediums apart from concrete. With proper care and materials, you may also use overlays to stone, wood, and others. The versatility transforms patios, walkways, even wooden decks instantly. This is what makes overlays an integral part of many outdoor projects, including commercial properties.
Quick and easy installation
Halting your business’s operation due to a construction project can prove costly. The longer the project takes to finish, the higher the loss in revenue that you will need to make up for. Another advantage of opting for concrete resurfacing is that it does not require a lot of time to finish. This eliminates the need to shut down your business while the project is ongoing. Thus, any loss of revenue is deftly avoided or kept minimal.
Increase in Property Value
If you’re after improving the appeal and value of your property, having the exterior concrete flooring resurfaced is a great place to begin. The best part of having your concrete surfaces resurfaced is that, you’re not just upgrading your floors. In effect, you are also increasing the value of your entire property.
As a general rule, any property which surfaces are well-designed and kept in mint condition is always worth more. For this reason, it’s a great idea to have the concrete surfaces of your commercial space resurfaced before you rent it out or put it up for sale.
Concrete floors in most commercial spaces are subjected to a number of deteriorating factors perhaps more than their residential counterparts. This is why resurfacing is such a handy method to take advantage of in order to help extend the service life of these commercial concrete surfaces.
Don’t miss out on all the benefits that resurfacing can offer.
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