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Being Environment Friendly With Construction Work

Being Environment Friendly With Construction Work

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Over the past few years, more and more people have realized the importance of becoming more cautious when it comes to the environment. From high-end degradable garments to the widespread metal and paper straws, many industries have started to bear the responsibility of becoming sustainable. Construction projects and firms are among the largest contributors to modern-day environmental issues. The construction sector, on its own, contributes to 50% of climate change, 23% of air pollution, 40% of water pollution, and 50% of landfill wastes, according to research conducted by Bimhow, a construction blog. This is why the construction sector needs to contribute to these efforts as well. If you are a construction worker or construction firm owner, here is why it’s important to be more environmentally friendly with your construction work.

Cutting Down Costs

Although construction is a $10 trillion industry, the financial challenges that accompany it can not be neglected. The construction sector seems to face issues with inefficiency that can’t be ignored; the sector faces a rework rate and efficiency that are up to 30 percent, signaling the need for more practical and applicable solutions. Luckily, resorting to sustainable construction for aid in that area can prove to be of great help. Green buildings generally require much fewer resources, like water and energy, than regular buildings to complete. Not only that, but sustainable buildings also come with great returns on investment. Green buildings significantly increase the value of the property.

Productivity Boost

According to The Guardian, environmental-friendly workspaces can help cut down the rate of absenteeism since they can help promote better performance and productivity levels. Sustainable workspaces create a much healthier work environment and can increase job satisfaction. It can also promote an innovative vision in the workplace and strengthen the firm’s culture. When employees are offered a healthy environment in which they can work, they are able to concentrate better and work more effectively on the tasks at hand.

Health Benefits

It comes as no surprise that sustainable construction would promote better health; green buildings come with endless health benefits. The Environmental Protection Agency explains that indoor air is two to five more times polluted than outdoor air. This is probably due to all the toxic materials used in decorating and finishing up homes. Paint, carpets, and cleaning products can be quite detrimental to human health. When sustainable and environmentally friendly materials are used instead, these can help purify the air, creating a safer living environment.

Minimizing Wastes

In Europe, the construction industry is responsible for 34.7 percent of the entire continent’s total waste production. This problem is also eminent in many states in Northern America, like Georgia. By using renewable materials and resources to build green buildings, as well as implementing junk removal in Athens GA, the environmental impact, as well as the generated wastes, could be significantly lowered. Many unconventional materials like burnt coal, sand, and demolition debris can all be used to create incredible environmental and eye-pleasing results.

Enhanced Material Usage

Water is managed more effectively and sustainably when building environmentally friendly buildings. Green buildings are built with many sustainable aspects and features in mind. For instance, sustainable homes could feature a water recycling system, such as the collection of rainwater to be later utilized in toilet cleansing. Similarly, wind energy and solar energy, and other types of natural energy, are collected, preserved, and stored so that they can be reused intelligently.

Environmental Protection

When used during the construction process, recycled material can help greatly when it comes to the contribution toward environmental protection and waste reduction. Not only that, but green construction also keeps several vital aspects of environmental impacts in mind. This includes installing walls, ceilings, and windows that are very well insulated to ensure that no energy is wasted. Moreover, solar heaters, as well as photovoltaic panels and insulated air-conditioning pipes are also used to ensure that buildings contribute less to environmental damages and guarantee more energy-efficient solutions.

Noise Cancellation

Noise, also known as sound pollution, can be harmful to one’s well-being. Whether you are prone to getting frequent migraines or unable to get adequate sleep due to external noise, you can benefit greatly from sustainable buildings. Green buildings are built with noise cancellation elements in mind. Sustainable buildings feature augmented distances between noise sources and the recipient. They also ensure the planting of several trees near the sources of noise, so that the noise can be absorbed. Environmentally friendly buildings also create noise barriers between busy streets or highways, and buildings.

The construction sector has always been a sizable contributor to the many environmental issues that our planet faces. From the disposal of nonrenewable resources to the utilization of excess amounts of energy, the world could really benefit from sustainable construction efforts. This is why we collected the top reasons why you should become more eco-friendly with your construction work.


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