Beauty of Safety: Importance In Residential Buildings

When it comes to your home, it’s always a given that you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and a complete eye-candy. It could have grand proportions, beautiful furnishings, or even exotic materials embedded into its design and structure. With these, it’s no doubt that this building’s design could easily captivate you.
What should grab your attention when choosing the best residential building should not be its beauty but its safety. By having no tolerance towards defective designs, implementing risk assessments, and assessing risks, you avoid financial and physical problems. You sleep and reside in your home with a happy mind and heart, knowing that there are designs that eliminate hazards.
Thus, if you’re still hesitating why you should go for safety instead of beauty in a residential building’s structure and design, read below as we have listed its various benefits:

Benefits Of Going For Safety In Design

Vying for safety in your residential building not only takes into account fire protection or electrical safety but also prepares and considers human aggravators that could disrupt your peace and invade your home.
Furthermore, you could always look into the layout and specifications of safety in a building designs and planning if you want. And with this, you can easily enjoy the benefits that come with it:

Protection Against Fire Hazards

Fire protection in your residential building is a significant benefit in itself! This means that the designer has accounted for all of the building’s components if a fire may erupt through installing a fire protection system.
This system may come in costly, but it will help you in the long run - as it suppresses and kills the fire and notifies the authorities to send help. Additionally, because the building has safety-checked in its list, fire extinguishers and alarms are present, escape routes are well-designed, and escape maps are posted all over the walls.

Protection Against Injuries And Illnesses

Fire is only one hazard, as you also need to look out for unhealthy and unsafe building designs. Various problems could arise from the tiniest details of air quality inside the building, electrical wires, and even lighting, all of which are listed below:

Good Indoor Air Quality

Having a sound ventilation system in your building is a factor you may have taken for granted. But, it does miracles as it improves the air quality, distributes a constant flow of air in your residence, and prevents mold growth.
With this, you can breathe comfortably, away from allergies, illnesses, indoor air pollutants, and respiratory problems.

Proper Electrical Wiring

Dealing with electricity sure is scary - but reliable electrical wiring lessens that fright. With this, you’re safe against any risks from shock and damaged cable insulation. You can efficiently perform renovations as wires as appropriately placed, and you are secure from any effects from chemicals. 

Fitting Lighting

Proper lighting in your residential building can not only grant you a warm and cozy mood and ambiance but also prevents you from falls and accidents. Having solid lights makes you feel safer because it fills the gaps and differences in your tasks - which may differ from cooking in the kitchen, reading a book, taking a bath, and working in your office.
Thus, a residential building that has calculated the lighting that fits your needs will ensure your safety and security for the days to come.

Protection From Natural Hazards

We can never predict when or where natural hazards may occur, but we can be prepared for it.
In the case of an earthquake, we should look into the building’s foundation and structure - whether it has components such as braced frames, shear walls, or an isolated base.
Aside from these big-bulked earthquake-proof components, the building could also be more straightforward, like a soft-story building or have sill plates in its structure.
Another requirement your residential building should have is to keep all its interiors dry from heavy rain. Its walls and roofs should have a good drainage design, minimizing the water penetration and the chances of holding up water and maximizing the potential to keep you warm against cold climates.

Protection From Human Attacks

Building designs can secure you from human aggravators as well. By installing countermeasures to detect, deter and respond to any attacks, you can quickly feel physically and emotionally safe and secure in your residential building.
This could mean that your building has a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, which could monitor the interior and even the exterior of your residence through sets of monitors. Additionally, it could mean that the building has accounted for its design, avoiding windows that face dark alleys or corridors, improving boundaries through vegetation or walls, and even having a defined exit route.


Aesthetics are essential - but not as important as security and safety. By considering all of these into your residential building (from natural hazards, human attacks, fires, and even home equipment), you ensure that you live safely, physically, and emotionally.
Thus, never hesitate to check your residential building’s safety measures and always look for the beauty in safety!

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