Be it casual or trendy – bracelets can flaunt different styles!

Bracelets have become the most trending jewelry item among both men and women. One of the significant trends is a stretchy bracelet with a cord attached. They don't have an opening to put over your hand, so they clasp together in the back.

So, if you're a bracelet girl, here are the five types of bracelets that are trending and perfect for casual wear. The best thing about these is that you can wear them on either wrist, and they look fabulous no matter where you put them. The most popular colors are gold, silver, rose gold, and ivory.

  • Casual Look 

You only need a white button-down shirt and colored-fit jeans to create this look. For your bracelet stacks, you can go bold by mixing three different types of bracelets to create a clean summer look.

Try just two bracelets for something more minimal and chic—add texture and color with a metallic and rhinestone layered clip. For the bottom layer, look for a way to incorporate a colorful bracelet with your outfit.

  • Everyday Look 

You only need a grey button-up shirt and some pastel jeans to do this look. You can combine three types of bracelets for your bracelet stack to create a bold statement.

You can also mix print with metallic and rhinestone-layered clips to give your outfit something extra. For the bottom layer, try mixing silver and gold bracelets for a more boho vibe.

  • Rocker Look 

All you need is a white shirt and black jeans to throw Rocker look together. For your bracelet stack, you can bold with three different types of bracelets to create the wild rocker style.

Added texture and color with a colorful caged cuff bracelet with spikes on each end to keep you safe from harm. For the bottom layer, go for bold spike bracelets in two colors for that edgy look.

  • Fun Look 

You only need a striped top and pants of any color to create this look. For your bracelet stack, you can go bold by mixing three different types of bracelets in gold, silver, and rose gold because the hues look great together.

For the bottom layer, grab a few chokers in a different color because they will complete the look. To top it all off, try a colorful beaded bracelet that will give your outfit an extra fun vibe.

  • Smart Looking 

You need to wear a black shirt and some black pants to create this look. For your bracelet stack this time, mix three different types of bracelets to make the smart-casual look more attractive. For the bottom layer, try an elegant, slim silver bracelet as the necklace and match it with a simple watch. You also want to opt for a pair of all-white loose pants and black shoes to complete the look.

Bracelet Trends are here to stay, so keep that in mind when shopping for new bracelets! It has become the trendiest accessory for both men and women. Simple designs are one of the biggest trends, so here's how to add sparkle to your outfits with some of our favorite styles.


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