Basic Cybersecurity Rules Any Company Should Follow

Cybersecurity Rules are designed to govern how an enterprise chooses to protect its information from being stolen by hackers. Any information that is stored on a network can be at the mercy of someone who has access to a computer with internet access.
Hackers and other Internet criminals are constantly looking for new ways to penetrate networks and extract data that would benefit them. By developing and maintaining security procedures that help to prevent the penetration of viruses, worms, and Trojans into a network, a business can limit the damage that these intruders can do.
As a business grows and expands, the risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands increases dramatically. Security can prevent confidential data from being exploited. It also helps a company to remain competitive in today's market by preventing the loss or theft of information that could result in a company's financial records getting destroyed or a competitor's intellectual property exploited.
To keep the information that a company has protected safe from hackers and other Internet criminals, a number of different procedures must be in place. One method is to employ security personnel to perform the actual hacking and other cyber threats detection. These professionals monitor the networks that computers are connected to and any suspicious activities that they see. If a hacker or group of hackers get hold of this information, the damage that can be done can be devastating.
Another option a business has is to hire an outside company to handle the monitoring and the protection part of cyber-security. A qualified and competent company will be able to detect and stop cyberattacks before they have time to do much damage. It also provides a way for a company to get back control of its network, databases, and system in the event of a hacker attack.
An outside company can help a company to defend itself against many of the most common types of attacks.
These include:

  • spear phishing,
  • back door attacks,
  • spoofing, and
  • stealing of company or employee information.

Many times an outside firm can take care of all of these issues in one consolidated step.

Other steps your company can take to protect themselves:

  1. Educate your employees (teach them the basics of cyber crimes so they can detect them);
  2. Get protection from cyberattacks (install or update your security software, so your system remains secure);
  3. Setup Firewall (firewall helps prevent outsiders to access a private network and access the data on this network);
  4. Make your WI-FI secure (if your company is using WI-FI it should be well secured because it is easy to steal data through these networks and anyone can hack it. Make sure the network is encrypted and secure. A professional can set uu your router correctly);
  5. Passwords (change all passwords every 3 months, because old passwords can become an easy target for hackers);
  6. Limit the access of employees to the company’s data (only give access to the data they really need to do the work they were hired to do);
  7. Create backups (make sure you are creating automatic backups of the crucial business data - anything from the database, spreadsheets, files, etc. Keep them on the safe place where only you can access them)

There are many things that cyberattacks could do to cause damage to a company's database, application, and website. An experienced cyber attacks team will know how best to defend a company against these attacks. In fact, there are several types of cyber threats that could cause serious problems for a business. A qualified company that specializes in cybersecurity can help a company develop effective plans to deal with each of these issues.


When a company spends time developing a plan for protecting itself from cyber-threats, it makes all of the information and assets that the company holds safe. The more secure a company's information is, the less chance it has of being compromised.
This is especially important when it comes to financial data, employee information, customer information, and the like. Prevention is still the best form of defense. Therefore, companies should make every attempt to stay informed about all new developments in the field of cyber-threats.

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