Backyard Landscaping Designs for Your Patio

A professionally designed outdoor space. It’s different. It stands out. A home with unique characteristics and patio design ideas are likely to sell faster, receive more offers, or be turned into a business investment.

The purpose of a retaining wall is to prevent soil erosion (no more worries about your garden washing away during rainfall) and encourage proper water drainage, along with adding an appealing feature to your lawn. Retaining walls can create a patio space for you.

Retaining walls

Here are three popular retaining walls to choose from, concrete blocks, boulders, or timber.

Concrete walls

Concrete blocks are found in most backyards. You can choose from multiple colors or styles. These blocks are staggered on top of one another, which makes this style ideal as a retaining wall in your patio decor.

Boulder Retaining Walls

Boulders have become increasingly popular in Utah. Not only does it work as a retaining wall for your backyard, but it also adds to the patio design. Boulders are expensive and give a classy essence to any backyard modern landscaping patio design. With a Boulder retaining wall, you’re sure to receive an “I like that boulder, that’s a nice boulder” compliment in no time.

Timber Retaining Walls

Timber walls are cost-effective and incredibly strong. Timber can be painted and repainted many times without causing damage to the wall, making it extremely easy to bring new colors into your patio design. Properly maintained timber can last up to 20 years.

Paths for walks

Walkways create a welcoming environment. Paths show people where to stroll on your outdoor patio. Botanical Gardens have many walkways, and they take advantage of this feature by creating a beautiful garden the paths will take you through. Walking paths can be made from stepping stones, cobblestone, river rocks, stamped concrete, brick, and gravel, just to name a few. There are many materials a pathway can be made from, and each adds its own flair to the backyard patio.

Desert Backyard

For those of you who want to be envious and not waste water, a desert backyard is perfect for you. Reduce your water bill this season by integrating plants that are native to the desert land of

Utah. All Seasons Landscaping can help you decide what the best plants for your desert backyard will be, based on how much water they need and will get.

This backyard design will reduce your water use and will be easier to maintain. No more fallen leaves to pick up, seeds to harvest, plants to prune. This design is low maintenance. It’s probably why this backyard patio design has become very popular within the last few years.

Photo Ready Scenery

These days, photo-ready scenery or landscaping is what every young adult wants behind their Instagram photo. A backyard designed by a landscaper with your ideas and vision is a show-stopper. You'll be the one hosting the amazing backyard summer parties. The neighborhood BBQs will be put to shame up against your water feature, extra seating, and outdoor kitchen.

All Seasons Landscaping in Utah is prepared to help you achieve the indoor-outdoor living area of your dreams. Bring your backyard small patio design to life when you work with Utah's most

popular landscaping team in the state. Upgrade your patio design, outdoor fireplace, or outdoor sitting area before the season ends. Visit the website gallery for more photos of the materials All Seasons Landscaping can provide.

Protect your patio, sprinklers, and driveways by clearing off the snow as soon as possible and compressing the air out of your sprinkler system.

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