Americover’s Pro Crawl™ Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier

Americover Inc. has launched its newest product, Pro Crawl™ Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier embedded with Mold Prevention Technology™ (MPT™). This product is the second generation of high-performance vapor barriers that began with the Original Pro Crawl™ Barrier designed to significantly reduce vapor transmission in the crawl space.
Up to 70% of homes and buildings have mold, and it can be found almost anywhere. The problem is when you can't see it starting to grow, like in the crawl space. It takes as little as 24 hours after water damage or moisture build-up for mold to grow. Overtime, mold can cause serious health issues like asthma, acute bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis, especially in children and those with health concerns.
"Mold prevention is so important for the health and longevity of our families and friends — that is why builders, contractors, and homeowners want reliable coverage for their crawl spaces," says Americover Founder and President Tevan Riedel. "We created the 10 mil Pro Crawl™ Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier™ with MPT™ to provide a peace of mind."
In general, vapor barriers are crucial in crawl spaces of homes, residential, and commercial buildings to support insulation, control air quality, and prevent mold, mildew, and rot from devastating the foundation of the structure. When properly installed in a crawl space encapsulation, vapor barriers create an impermeable shield to reduce humidity levels by blocking ground moisture from rising into the foundation of the structure. Americover's Pro Crawl™ Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier is the newest evolution of vapor barriers.
Americover's Pro Crawl™ Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier passes ASTM G21 mold resistance standards to prevent the growth & spread of toxic mold & mildew. Mold Prevention Technology™ (MPT™) doesn't expire, so the vapor barrier will continue protecting the crawl space years after installation.
Americover's 10 mil Pro Crawl™ Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier also passes ASTM 1745 Class A, B & C and is a Class I vapor retarder with a permeance rating of .022, which is reduces more vapor transmission than the leading competitor's 10 mil vapor barrier.
"We are excited to offer the Pro Crawl™ Anti-Mold Vapor Barrier with (MPT™). It's unlike anything you've ever seen in the crawl space market. We create solutions that provide protection from the ground up," says Reidel.
About AmericoverAmericover is a premier supplier of plastic sheeting and polyethylene solutions for many industries and applications. For more than 25 years, they have supported customers around the world with extensive inventory of high-quality products and personalized service, ensuring the right solution for each and every project.

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