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All You Need To Know About Concrete Resurfacing

All You Need To Know About Concrete Resurfacing

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Concrete is a popular flooring material for both residential and commercial structures. Concrete floors are cheap to clean and maintain. They are also durable and affordable to decorate whichever way you want. Those who have owned houses for generations can bear witness.
However, a concrete floor has its disadvantages. First, it will crack for various reasons; one is shifting the ground beneath the floor. Over time the concrete will fall victim to wear and tear and may even flake or spall. Degrading spoils the look of your indoor floors, kitchens, and even the pool deck. Even worse, if these damages are left unaddressed, they can cause damage to the entire structure.
Traditional means of repairing your floor are time-consuming, labor, and cost-intensive. If you are looking for an easier route out of the maze, then concrete resurfacing is for you—enough of the talking. You’re probably wondering what concrete resurfacing is. How do you know a floor needs resurfacing? What are the advantages of concrete resurfacing?
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What is concrete resurfacing?

You may be probably familiar with the tiresome traditional way of replacing the damaged concrete. For a start, the damaged surface is dug out entirely. The dirt and debris are shoveled into wheelbarrows and disposed of. Lastly, the new concrete mortar is laid to create an entirely new surface. Resurfacing is much easier since you spared the part of removing the older floor. Here you just clean the floor and repair cracks. Mix the resurfacing material, pour it, and spread it as far as possible on the old surface, thus forming the new surface. And you are done with resurfacing.

How do you know that your concrete needs resurfacing?

The floor is damaged

Damaged concrete is the first indicator that your floor needs resurfacing. Look out for flaking and small pits on the concrete surface. Another indicator is scratched paint or finishing.


Look out for spalling. Water may have seeped through the concrete surface, thus giving it a wrinkly look. Such a phenomenon is common in floors with wire mesh as the foundation, or in poorly stamped foundations, due to rust and oxidation. Deicing salts used to defrost ice during winter are also to blame.

The concrete floor has broken, cracking, and damaged edges

One of the major concerns with concrete slabs is crumbling or degrading edges. Crumbling is common in areas with heavy traffic and pressure, such as the driveway. Also, look for any damages between the slab.

Why resurfacing in particular?

It’s pocket friendly

Concrete resurfacing is cheaper than ripping up the damaged concrete and replacing it with the new one. In fact, you get to use only a third of all materials and labor costs while achieving similar or better results. You sure don’t want something that will make a dent in your purse. Resurfacing is very effective in hiding repairing damaged floors as well as hiding the repairs.

Saves on labor and time

Most of the concrete resurfacing products are self-leveling. You will only need much labor when repairing the cracks and preparing the surface. Just imagine picking up hand tools, digging out the old surface, mixing and pouring the new concrete. Resurfacing is much simpler. Just pour the concrete, spread it as far as possible, and leave it to cure. That simple!

You can customize your floors

You may have been desiring a different flooring material such as marble, granite, or even brick. The good thing with concrete is that it can be patterned into various shapes giving you a customized desired finish. Special colorants and acid stains will also be used to color your floor. You can now achieve your dream of having a marble floor without necessarily paying the hefty sum for the same ambiance. Talk of shortcuts!

Increased longevity

The new surface after resurfacing can last longer than the previous floor did. Reason being that materials used in resurfacing have various epoxy-based elements added to them. This means that the new surface after resurfacing will be more resistant to wear and tear. And the best news is that it will be stain resistant and tire marks resistant while still hiding the imperfections. Resurfacing will also make your floor more effortless and more comfortable to clean.

Increase the resale value of your property

Ever wanted to sell a property but couldn’t cut it due to a damaged ugly looking floor. You definitely know the pain. Resurfacing will not only upgrade your property by fixing holes, cracks, and worn-out surfaces but also increase your investment value. Resurfacing will also give you a chance to customize the floor by adding a finishing with anti-slip properties. Your new floor will enhance walking safety while giving you a market advantage whenever you want to sell the property.
Concrete is one of the best flooring material you can find out there. It offers numerous options when it comes to resurfacing it. From staining, epoxy sealing, stamping, to surface grinding. It’s beneficial in many ways, including durability. And though not deal breakers, it still comes with its own share of problems. And that is concrete resurfacing for you!


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