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Access Flooring: The Key To Cable Mgmt Construction

Access Flooring: The Key To Cable Mgmt Construction

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What Is Cable Management
Cable management is the management of electrical and telecommunication cables. Cables not properly managed can disrupt the power and data needs of your space. Telecom and electricity in your space need to be used precisely and efficiently. In cable installation there needs to be a proper system of management and distribution throughout your space. Traditionally, cable management requires the use of products such as cable ladders, cabinets, trays, and baskets. However, there is now an alternative method in the form of low profile, fixed height raised access floors. Proper cable management commences at the planning phase of space renovation or new construction, continuing throughout the lifespan of operation. In addition to that, the installation process plays a huge role in making future maintenance and upgrades to the cable infrastructure much easier. 
Cable Management During Major Construction Projects
Until very recently, construction teams rarely consulted with suppliers, vendors, and integrators before a project broke ground. Nevertheless, numerous disruptions have significantly changed the construction industry as a whole, namely adaptive architectural trends. Adaptive building designs are comprised of various technoscientific innovations requiring specific skill sets generally not practiced within the confines of traditional construction. In-building wireless connectivity providers and integrators exemplify this notion perfectly. As advancements in technology continue to proliferate every aspect of our existence including the structures we live, work, and play in, construction managers will have no other choice but to work coequally with integrators. 
In January 2018, 5G Technology World published an interesting article that brings at least one of the primary issues homes when it comes to challenges in cable management and ongoing construction projects.
” […] poor communication between parties all but ensures that cables will be broken or damaged. If an integrator is lucky, perhaps it will only happen once. Construction equipment can tear through hundreds of feet of coaxial cable on the outside of the stadium, and if new seats are installed, there is often a need to replace the cable to match the new placement.” Essentially, since cable installation usually begins while there is plenty of other construction activity going on, it’s crucial that the company responsible for installation safeguards the integrity of the cables until the job is completed. Failure to do so will set things back drastically. 
Cable Management and Office Fit-Outs
Virtually all organizations have network cables installed in new office fit-outs or have modified pre-existing buildings to accommodate their installation.  Cable management needs and the methods of meeting them have come a long way from the days of concrete trenches and core drilling and industry leaders have taken notice. Interior designers, architects, and office technicians alike have all come to learn the value of efficient, thoughtful, and seamless design when it comes to cable management. Without even one of those elements, spaces are liable to complications or compromise for these needs. 
Managing cables doesn’t only involve keeping them neat and orderly, but also involves keeping a detailed inventory of cables during and subsequent to construction. Though most building managers are aware of how much cabling is running through their facility, knowing what those cables do or what kind of cables they’re using is a whole other story altogether. This means one should tag communications conductors during the installation process and keep them on record. Property owners and managers usually want a detailed list of each and every cable in their building, what uses they’re intended for, and to what devices they’re connected.
They don’t only require this for repair and maintenance reasons but also due to the fact that they might have to pay for new cable installations at some point in the future, especially if their facility is designed for adaptability. Property managers who don’t really understand the cables running through their buildings don’t want to risk disconnecting the wrong cables by accident.
As a result, they simply continue to install new cables on top of the preexisting ones. Before they know it, their entire telecommunications infrastructure is a confusing mess. If they ever wanted to start over from scratch with a new system, it would wind up costing them much more than if they had practiced good cable management from day one. Lastly, not only is installing cables on top of cables an inefficient way to do things but it burdens mechanical chases such as telecommunications and electrical closets. 
Gridd® Facilitates Futureproof Office Fit-Outs
Planning to do an office fit-out? Before you launch your project, you should seriously consider consulting an expert and contact cable tray manufacturers for assistance in making the right decisions. There is a long list of highly qualified project management and design companies out there. By hiring professional guidance, you’re ensuring your project will be finished on time and on budget. Not only that but you won’t have to worry about whether or not things are getting done right. 
FreeAzex® has been an undisputed leader in the raised access flooring industry for well over 25 years. Our team has developed new low profile access floor systems and other interrelated products that accommodate changing technology and adapt to future changes quickly. FreeAxez® is widely recognized as being the premium innovator, developer, and manufacturer of adaptive cabling distribution systems.


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