A Comprehensive Guide To Construction Accidents And Claims In Bronx

Living and working in the Bronx isn’t always a dangerous endeavor. However, when construction is in the city, you risk a construction accident that could change your life forever. If this has happened to you, you deserve compensation for your injuries and medical care.

Whether you are a construction worker or a passerby injured by a construction accident, a good Bronx construction accident attorney can help you receive the money and support you need to continue past the event.

Here is a complete guide to construction accidents and claims in New York City and what to do if it happens to you.

Construction Accidents and Claims

Construction accidents can affect workers, families of workers, and even passersby. If your injury happened near a construction site, you might be able to pursue a legal claim for compensation from the construction company.

Common construction accidents include:

  • Workers falling
  • Workers getting caught in between machinery
  • Electrocutions from power cords or machinery
  • Workers or passersby hit by heavy objects
  • Ground collapses
  • Burns, explosions, and power tool accidents
  • Ineffective or broken safety gear, such as faulty hard hats

Construction accidents can result in catastrophic injuries that will change a life forever and involve lots of medical care. You must know what to do if it happens to you or a loved one.

Worker’s Compensation Claim

If the person affected by the construction accident is a construction worker, you will need to file a worker’s compensation claim. This involves determining the company's liability in the event and ensuring that the worker’s negligence didn’t cause the accident.

Many companies offer safety training and protective gear to prevent compensation claims. However, if these were insufficient to prevent you from getting injured, you are still entitled to compensation for your medical care.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

It is a little more complicated if you were a passerby and involved in a construction site accident. You will need to prove that the construction site was unsafe and unmarked - if there were warning signs, you might not be able to receive much compensation.

However, some construction accidents involve passersby because of their sheer size. Construction companies must warn civilians about any large work. If they don’t, and injuries occur, the company is to blame. Before filing a personal injury lawsuit, talk to a lawyer to see if you have enough evidence to require compensation.

How to File a Construction Accident Claim

When you file a construction accident claim, you must prove that the construction company was in breach of care. If you were an employee, the company had a direct duty of care over you and your safety. As a passerby, the duty was indirect, but you can still qualify for compensation.

To receive compensation, you must prove that the construction company was to blame for the accident through some negligence. If you or a co-worker were to blame for the accident and it happened through worker negligence or trespassing, the construction company won’t have to reimburse you for any medical care.

In most cases, however, a construction accident claim is only filed when a serious injury occurs. This injury must be due to the construction site’s inadequate safety measures, protective equipment, or malfunctioning machine. You may require eyewitness evidence and medical professionals’ opinions.

Enlisting the help of a legal professional is the best way to improve your chances of receiving appropriate financial compensation. A construction attorney understands how to build your case, contact witness, navigate the legal system, and otherwise help guide you through the entire process.

Final Thoughts

Construction accidents can not only result in physical injuries, but also job loss, financial hardship, and many other long-term injuries. Following a construction accident, the injured party is strongly encouraged to contact both a medical professional and legal representation as soon as possible.

Although construction accidents have serious consequences, many legal options are available to help you receive appropriate financial compensation and rebuild your life.

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