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9 Local SEO Tips for Construction Businesses

9 Local SEO Tips for Construction Businesses

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Even in the current time, every marketer has a slightly different definition and understanding of Local SEO. Whenever someone performs a search and geography crawls into the applicability factor, you’re handling and dealing with local search engine optimization. 
With how famous mobile devices are, and the amount of people conducting these types of searches every day, it’s very essential to not only open our eyes regarding local SEO, but actively focus on it. But it’s not enough to solely try to customize for local searches; you should know what’s looked up the most by your users.
With reference to local search, as with any search engine query, the search engines want to display the results that match accurately with the users’ keywords. Not only that; they’re trying to match the objective of the user, as well. In order to do that, Google (and the other search engines) decides and finalizes which listings are shown based on three main criteria:

  • Reliability
  • Geography
  • Applicability

As an ordinary contractor, you’re used to handling many of the same problems as many other businesses. You face heavy competition from other businesses, who are competing with you for the same local limelight and attention of the customers.
You know that you need every bit of the inside track you can get when it comes to making yourself noticeable to the people who need your services. Unlike many other businesses, contractors cannot rest on the appraisals of the same old customers. Your customers either require building, repairs or maintenance work carried out, or maybe they don’t.
Of course, if you make an impactful impression, customers may well contact you when they next need your services, but that may be months or even years down the line. Thus, a contractor who hopes to gain supremacy in an immensely competitive field must ensure that their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game is extremely strong.
Local SEO Tips are chiefly important for construction because people in need of a construction business usually depend upon digital search to find a worthy partner. Therefore, it is immensely important that construction businesses expand their brand on the online platform, in order to put themselves in front of these audiences in need as much as they can. 
With the accurate amount of effort, patience, and funds, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can attract more clients for your construction business along with more success. Over time, your business will rush to the ranks of Google search, which will encourage more audiences to use your website and engage with your services.  
According to Scanteam,  people are relying on content marketing more with each coming year, due to which, it is more important than ever to optimize your digital strategies for local SEO so that prospects searching in your area are able to find your business speedily and efficiently. 
Four reasons why a construction company must take local SEO seriously in the years to come:
1. “Google My Business” is the approachable method
GMB is the best way to improve your online presence on local search. This property of Google has passed through many variations over the years, and the current variant is the most effective and feature-rich version one. The new functions and features in GMB allow you to claim, customize, and interact with your audience in multiple ways.
2. Ranking of website in the local area
Customers search for local construction companies using keywords such as the “best contractors near me” or “list of construction companies”. It’s important that your business shows up in the search results for these queries as users are looking for the exact same service that you offer. For local businesses, this generally means attaining top ranks, not only in the local map pack but also on Google SERP. 
3. You have got to offer a great mobile user Experience
50% of the local searches are done through mobile phones. A normal mobile search for a local business lead to legitimate customers who have honest needs. Almost all smartphone users get engrossed with Google while on the move.
This trend has greatly and rapidly accelerated after the search engine giant introduced Google Assistant and Google Home. Apart from all of this, the latest algorithm update has come up with mobile-first indexing. This basically means that Google now considers mobile friendliness of a website before promoting on mobile and desktop results. So, it is crucial to ensure that you have a mobile-friendly site to appear top on local searches.
4. Managing the online reputation actively
When you have a business, reviews play a very crucial role. They are like a double-ended sword. It can either become a positive outcome or a negative one considering how the users feel about your business. Moreover, favorable reviews can help in achieving the top rank on all search engines. However, if you don’t get positive reviews that support the ranking, then this will result in fewer visitors.

Local SEO Tips for Construction Businesses

1. Knowing the Tags

Title tags and meta descriptions are the basics for effective and successful SEO. They go hand in hand with what your audiences and prospects are typing in during their online searches to give quality search results to them. Audiences aren’t always outright and direct in their search processes, but it is immensely important for you to research the words they’re using to search for construction information. Once you get to know the keywords they’re using, you can use them in your title tags to help sales-ready leads find your site easily.
Likewise, Meta descriptions need to brief and sum up your business in a very brief character count. This description needs to be involving, concise, and precise enough to make audiences stop and click on your brand. 
In just one or two sentences, readers have more than enough information to gather a first impression of how your construction business has top-quality services and successful projects so they will be handed over an impulsive decision to either click or not to explore your website further. Test the various meta descriptions to be sure that yours is enhanced and improved for engagement and packed with buzzwords that will motivate your audiences to take action.

2. Gain and improve Online Reviews

Recent studies by the expert, Michelle Thomas, show that 86% of people trust online reviews as much as actual proposals, which means that there are a lot of chances for your business to attract new clients by gaining these reviews. There are many sites to promote reviews online, but two networks that will add up to your local SEO strategy are Facebook and Google+.
Facebook is a great place to start motivating your users to submit reviews. Facebook is a technique for people to rejuvenate your projects by incorporating imagery of the outcome and the creativity that went into it. Facebook reviews are also included into the Google platform, so your SEO will concurrently be improving as more reviews are posted on Facebook.
A more straightforward way to improve your SEO through reviews comes directly from Google. Google reviews are a great way to highlight your top-quality services because these reviews will pop up immediately when someone searches for your business.  Google support also explains that these positive reviews can increase and enhance your visibility and responding to them will show that you value the feedback you are receiving.

3. Enhance Online Directories

Usually, when someone is looking for services online with no such preferred brand or partner into consideration, they begin with whatever is the nearest and local. This is a good opportunity to establish new relationships if you’ve properly claimed your company on the suitable online channels. However, a lot of businesses are unable to look at the importance of claiming their businesses online, not only on Google but also on directories like Great Possibilities. 
Claiming your business on different platforms means you’ll have more links on reliable sites that will direct traffic to your original website. The more that audiences are presented with clickable links, the more your brand is being put in front of opportunities to engage in new business with a broadened arrangement of possibility.  Make sure that, when filling out the business profile for these directories, you are being thorough and assimilating as much helpful and unique data as possible.

4. Originate and Create Content

Even if your candidates aren’t currently looking for any partner in the upcoming construction project, they might be looking to brainstorm themselves in the field. Offering profound, contemplative information around the various faces in construction through blog posts, eBooks, and other thought leadership content is a great way to bring audiences to your site and improve your SEO standing. 
The search engines will not only track your contributions and thrust your business higher in search ranks, but your prospects will quickly come to trust your brand as a valued resource within the construction world.

5. Use stable and consistent NAP

NAP is an abbreviation for “Name Address Phone,” meaning that consistency and stability is very important when listing contact information for your business, whether it be on Google search, a third-party directory, the groundwork of a blog post, or directly on your website. 
When search engines are going through your site to collect information for the web, the minutest variations in key information such as this could potentially lower your local SEO ranking. This is because search engines are designed to find quality brands to promote at the top of a search and inconsistency hints at the opposite.

6. Mention all the services you provide

Your Google My Business page is also a significant building block and a key element in your local SEO. However, some artisans sell themselves short by only submitting their primary specialism, thus limiting the number of search terms in which your web page pops up. It’s a good idea to tabulate yourself in 3-5 categories e.g. general contractor, home builder, bathroom remodeler, kitchen remodeler.

7. Optimize Your Homepage

Your homepage should give expected customers all the information they need to invest their trust in your amenities. However, it should also be a visiting card kind of a thing to search engine crawlers, helping to ensure that your services are suitable for the needs of local consumers. 
There are certain tactics by which your homepage can get caught in the sight of search engines. The title tag used is one of the most characteristic features. This is like the title of the chapter of a reference book which tells you what the content present inside all about will be.
Your homepage will also need a noticeable headline, (called the H1), which is an insight about the business and the services you offer. This is your chance to gain their trust. Provide a little background information, give a proper layout of your services, and sign off with an appealing CTA. Try and sum this up into around 500-1,000 words. Anything longer than this may seem boring and off putting to prospects.

8. Develop Citations and Links

A citation is any registration on a local online directory for your line of work. Anything from your Facebook page, worth sharing, to your local e-commerce websites. The higher authority these sources are, the more reliable your business will appear to search engine crawlers.
Moreover, if you can get local newspapers, other trusted firms and other high-authority sources to link to your business, this can also be immensely helpful in accelerating your local SEO game.

9. Get Google Verified

Going through Google’s verification process is a moderately straightforward method but can go a long way towards making your business a legitimate one, not just in the eyes of local customers but in the metaphorical eyes of the search engine giant itself.


No matter how impactful and strong your inbound marketing campaign is or how user-friendly your website may be, execution of the local SEO tactics can amplify your audiences by ten times, if done in the correct manner. 
Visitors are searching for a speedy, uninterrupted, and adaptable brand when searching on Google for a construction business; keep this in mind when integrating meta tags, title descriptions, reviews, and fresh content. You will be pleased to be surprised at the prosperity and abundance of new opportunities awaiting your business on the other side of better SEO tactics.


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