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8 Ways Warehouse Construction Has Evolved

8 Ways Warehouse Construction Has Evolved

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With the advent of technology, there is an evolution in every walk of life. Most of the significant changes have been observed in the field of e-commerce. More people are turning towards online platforms to buy anything and everything. For this reason, the e-commerce industry has to make innovations to accommodate all their customers and provide them with the best services on time.
Hence, the warehouses and its construction have been impacted by the change. The rise in demand for e-commerce has compelled the warehouse construction companies to reform their warehouse construction plans. Nowadays, modern warehouses are increasing in number.
The article below discusses the eight ways in which warehouses have been revolutionized.

1. Bigger In Size

Warehouses back then were not as great in size. The construction of these warehouses was simple and their main motive was packing and shipping traditionally. However, with the increasing demand for online shopping, the size of all new warehouses was allocated much greater than the old ones.
The warehouses that you will see in the future will be bigger in size and better in functionality. As with great demand, there is a greater need for technologically advanced equipment, more labor, and large storing facilities.
Hence, their construction area is planned as high technology centers that store, pack, and deliver quickly.

2. Big Parking Spaces

Most of the space in the warehouse projects is for the parking of vehicles. Now the companies are more focused on the space allotted for parking, loading, and storing. The area of the sites is bigger than the warehouse building for easy loading and unloading of the vehicles.

3. Proper Timelines to Achieve Construction Milestones

As the sizes of the warehouse’s projects are large and of the best technology, hence planning efficiently is essential. The owners of the e-commerce firms need to take a closer look at the essential elements of construction and plan accordingly. They design a timeline and set a construction milestone for each. Also, their main focus should be working on the plumbing, electricity, drainage system, etc. of the warehouse first.

4. Cold Storage Capabilities

People were already buying clothes, appliances, books, kitchenware, electronic devices, etc. but surprisingly, numerous people turned to the internet to buy food.
The food items can be easily perished and are much harder to carry from the freezer to the warehouses and then to the place of delivery. So, adding high-tech cold storage capabilities is a must for all new warehouses. However, building cold storage units is difficult, time taking and costly for the companies but is also the need for time.

5. Constructed In Major Urban Centers

Previously, most of the warehouses were constructed in rural areas. However, most of the people shopping online belong to urban centers. So, storing, packing, and delivering items from this far away consumes a lot of time. Also, the companies have to ensure that the delivering vehicles are up-to-date to carry the parcels. They also need to purchase sound vehicles for transportation.
Hence, the new construction projects aim at building warehouses in the middle of densely populated areas. Most of these are multi story warehouses to process the orders quickly. The delivery men can easily pick and drop products at the client’s door. The brand will not need to facilitate excellent transportation as they can deliver through courier services within the urban areas.

6. Powerful and Stronger Warehouses

Large warehouses need strong bases for operating heavy equipment without any issues. The constructors should focus on making thick and flat floors by adding reinforced concrete slabs of at least six to eight inches. Furthermore, the roof of the warehouses must be well-built, enough to bear the load of HVAC systems. Also, the shells of the unit should be super-insulated. The power supply of the warehouse should be able to operate all the machines.

7. Facilities for the Employees

There is a significant decrease in the unemployment rate, especially in warehouses. More and more people are quitting jobs in the fulfillment centers. As e-commerce is on the rise, there is an increasing need for employees in the warehouses to perform tasks efficiently and on time.
It is the labor that has to sort, store, pack, and deliver all the orders. So if they are happy, they will work with both dedication and enthusiasm. Also, they will never plan to quit the job that provides as many facilities. For this reason, the warehouses have included amenities for their employees to enjoy, for example, pools, lounges, parking, gaming areas, etc.

8. Experience is Vital

For the warehouse projects to complete on time, there is a need for active teams. Focused and well-experienced individuals in a team help in achieving milestones at the given time. All the processes from manufacturing to delivering the products at your doorstep require a well-trained team. Hence, while choosing the staff and builders, look for the quality of them.


Construction of a warehouse is of utmost importance that is done very carefully. Hence, all constructors and owners should together build a plan that fits all modern needs of warehouses. They should focus on their timeliness and construct a warehouse that not only delivers the best services to the clients but also the employees.


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