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8-Tips to Motivate/Improve Your Construction Team Productivity

8-Tips to Motivate/Improve Your Construction Team Productivity

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The pandemic created a slight deviation from the regular mode of work and brought up newer challenges in the construction industry. While most other business setups easily transitioned from their physical workplace to virtual ones, the builders, construction teams, and managers remained in a state of confusion for several days. For a long time, these people were unable to figure their mechanism of remote work.
And they weren’t wrong in their concerns. How are they supposed to look after months worth of work while staying home? How are they supposed to connect and discuss ideas without meeting on-site?
Although some aspects of these concerns remain unattended, the construction industry is now fiddling with software and tools, trying to be productive to some extent, if not all. But even then, the lack of physical presence of fellow teammates drains most workers’ interest. They are unable to stay focused and lack motivation.
For the very reason, here in this post, we have compiled the top 8 tips to motivate your construction team. And, consequently, boost their productivity. Here we go!

1.    Understand Your Team

For boosting your team’s productivity, you need to know each member. You need to know them not only by name and face but also in terms of personality and skills. This vital information will not only lead you to develop a better and deeper working relationship with them but also add to your chest of handy knowledge.
If you know their skills and talents as well as weaknesses, you can assign them roles and tasks that they’ll be naturally performing better at. For example, if one of your construction team members is creative with work, you can assign ask him to pitch his creative ideas in front of clients. It will not only encourage him to explore more of his creativity and make better use of it but will also encourage him to better at work. Similarly, if someone is not good at handling stressful situations, you can ensure that they have a comfortable work environment. You can refrain from reminding them about the deadline from time and time. Instead, appreciate their progress to help them do better.

2.    Discuss the Issues

Second, don’t forget to communicate. If you see any of your team members performing poorly, discuss the issue with them. Offer them your help or assistance in any possible way or split the load of work if that’s what the situation demands. In today’s remote times, you can make use of efficient communication tools and construction project management software to fulfill this responsibility.
Also, understand the fact that they have their personal lives too. If they want some time out or a break, let them have it. Understand their human needs. Understand their human needs, and in turn, they will get motivated to work with integrity.

3.    Be the Inspiration

When your team sees you fulfilling your duties with honesty and dedication, they will aspire to do the same. So, make sure, whether you’re on-site or off-site, you radiate positive energy towards work so they may follow.
Virtually, you can do this by checking on them regularly, responding promptly, and handling any arising discrepancies by yourself.

4.    Appreciate

Perhaps, the most effective way of motivating your team to do better is to reward them. Appreciate their hard work and praise them publicly. Even more than that, offer them incentives for improved performance. It could be in the form of paid vacations, lunches, a bonus, or a permanent increase. According to research, 85 percent of workers felt more energized to do better when managers offered incentives.

5.    Celebrate Togetherness

To keep a team united, you need to bring them together. Otherwise, you will see differences developing real quick, affecting the pace of work negatively. So, whenever possible, bring your construction team together by offering them monthly or weekly lunches. It will encourage them to develop better friendships. Plus, you can also do this by setting up a permanent pantry with free of cost food and give them regular breaks.

6.    Incorporate Team Building Activities

Another great tip to boost the productivity of your team, especially when it comes to remote work, is to try incorporating virtual team building activities. Arrange online game sessions or puzzle-solving sessions for your team, engage them in a fun trivia about one another or work, or perhaps, arrange a virtual dance party. Such activities will help them feel more like friends than co-workers. Video conferencing is also a good idea as a survey says: 87% of workers feel more connected through video calls.

7.    Encourage Growth

Although most construction contractors do not pay much attention to this, upgrading your team’s skillset can boost productivity to the next level. Arrange useful workshops for them to help them upgrade their skills and also offer them a pay raise if they offer better skillset. You can easily do this with remote work as well. You need not arrange on-site workshops. Instead, you can arrange webinars. Or perhaps, arrange physical workshops about how to operate in a team virtually.

8.    Share the Load

Lastly, extend a hand of help if you possibly can. If there’s something that you see overburdening a teammate, offer your assistance. You will soon see them covering double the amount of work to return the favor. Plus, do your chores yourself. Do not bother your team to set up the to-do list of the day, which is practically your job.


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