8 Qualities to Look for in a Spanish-Speaking Car Accident Lawyer

Are you looking for Spanish-speaking car accident lawyers/abogados de accidentes? There are certain qualities they should have so they can best represent you and your case. Take a look below for some of the top qualities to search for in an attorney you're considering hiring.

8 Qualities to Look for in Spanish-Speaking Car Accident Lawyers/Abogados de Accidentes

1. The Ability to Communicate Well in English and Spanish

There's nothing wrong with speaking broken English or Spanish, but it can be a hindrance in legal settings. Your lawyer should be able to communicate with a high level of proficiency in both languages so they can effectively communicate with everyone involved in the case. If you or somebody else involved in the case only speaks Spanish, then you don't want any language barriers when communicating with your lawyer.

However, there's no guarantee everybody involved in the case speaks Spanish. People within the court system, people at the insurance company, and perhaps people on the other side of the case may not speak Spanish well or at all. That's why your attorney must communicate well in English as well as Spanish. Luckily, there are numerous bilingual attorneys who may help you. For more information, click here to get in touch with bilingual attorneys.

2. Excellent People Skills

The ability to simply communicate in two languages isn't enough. Your attorney needs to be able to communicate well by having the appropriate people skills. Your attorney needs to be a convincing negotiator with the insurance company, a good speaker if you go to court, and a good listener so you can fully explain your situation to them. Somebody who's aggressive and who doesn't listen or explain things properly usually isn't the best person to hire.

3. Compassion and Empathy

Compassion and empathy often come with having good people skills, but not always. Somebody can be great with people, but still lack the ability to empathize with them. As you're dealing with a difficult circumstance after experiencing an accident, you need somebody who can empathize with you and who'll act with compassion.

The most compassionate attorneys are often those who go the extra mile to help you recover compensation when you're entitled to it. Work with somebody you believe cares about you and your case. Compassionate attorneys are willing to listen and aren't afraid to explain difficult concepts over and over again if needed. Plus, they often charge a contingency fee, so you don't have to pay out of pocket.

4. Assertiveness

Your attorney shouldn't let their compassionate side prevent them from being assertive. Your attorney needs to command respect and assert their arguments in a way that makes it difficult to doubt what they're saying. A great lawyer needs to make sure people listen to them, but they should also respect others when it's other people's time to speak.

5. Medical Knowledge

Your attorney should be able to understand the medical issues you're facing after your accident. If they don't have a personal understanding of what you're going through, then they should have medical contacts, so they can come to understand any injuries or new disabilities that you're dealing with.

Many great attorneys have connections to medical experts who can help them gain an understanding of your ailments and who can testify on your behalf. Your attorney understanding your medical issues is imperative if you want to recover the cost of current and future medical treatment as part of your settlement.

6. Expert Negotiation Skills

Being a good communicator doesn't automatically mean your attorney is a good negotiator. Make sure your attorney is good at negotiation, so you can put your full faith in them while they attempt to negotiate a fair settlement for you.

Read testimonials from previous clients to see if this attorney was able to win them high and fair settlements. Your attorney must be able to advocate for you in the negotiations with the insurance company, as the insurance company typically won't want to pay a huge amount to cover your damages.

7. Experience in Personal Injury Law

Accident attorneys work under personal injury law. You need to make sure your attorney has lots of experience handling and winning cases in this area of the law. Ideally, your Spanish-speaking lawyer will have experience working on and winning cases for both English and Spanish-speaking clients.

A good track record of wins in accident cases for clients who speak English and clients who speak Spanish will show you that this attorney is accomplished in their field, no matter what language they're speaking.

8. Experience with Cases Like Yours

Make sure your lawyer doesn't just have lots of experience working on general personal injury cases. If you experienced a workplace accident, look for a lawyer who's worked on many workplace accident cases. If you were in a motor accident, look for a lawyer who's worked on many motor accident cases.

Always make sure your Spanish-speaking lawyer is highly experienced and can communicate well in English and Spanish. They should also have numerous personality traits that make them pleasant to work with and good at doing their job.

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