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7 Ways of Renovation of Building

7 Ways of Renovation of Building

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We often get confused about what to choose between Renovation and New Construction. Both the renovation and new construction have their pros and cons. New construction gives you more leverage to make choices about your project, whereas renovation saves your time, money and engagements.   
You might face many issues with your old building, but renovation can fix them. The renovation has the potential to upgrade the value of your building. It will transform your old structure into a modern, stylish, lively building. 
Renovating a building may seem tedious but can be exciting if done smartly according to a well-structured plan. Dissolving the big task into small and systematic sub-tasks makes this process not only easier for you but also makes it smooth. Conducting research, assessing the needs, and budgeting will save you a lot of trouble afterwards. 
Let’s discuss 7 ways to make the renovation process as painless as possible.

1. Need assessment 

The first and the most significant point to keep in mind is to assess your needs. Sometimes we start working on those elements that are not our needs. Starting the project without a prior assessment will end you nowhere, and the purpose of renovation will never be fulfilled. 
Brainstorming and discussing the building’s needs with other people (who are part of your building) will give you critical insights into the renovation project. This discussion will get you a clear picture of the current conditions of the building. Now, list all the requirements that your building demands. 

2. Research

Research everything from finding professional experts to selecting cheaper and good quality materials for the building. Get exposed to at least 20 sample buildings before developing any structural plan for your renovation process. Find out the best and the worst representation of these sample buildings. 
The online and offline research will help you explore the designs and materials and trace the experts. Post research make a blueprint of the renovation project.

3. Budgeting

A lot of decisions depend on your budget. You might face budget constraints during the process that can make you sacrifice a few of your choices.
Budget plays a crucial role when you start large-scale renovations in a building. Take out your long list that needs renovations. Create a subcategory of the type of needs and allocate the budget for each. Taking professional advice for deciding the budget can always be a better option. 
Setting a project deadline is important; otherwise, it will increase your expenditure, leading to a budget deficit. Hence, have a clear understanding of your needs as per your budget.

4. Waste and dumping management

The waste generated during the renovation occupies most of the space and slows down the process, making it more time-consuming. Most people ignore considering waste and dumping management as an essential part of the renovation
Plan in advance for the removal of the dirt or other waste generated during the upgrades.
Clearing the mess simultaneously will smoothen the process and facilitate better working conditions. 

5. Flooring

Flooring is a part of the building that lets you have direct contact with the space, and you can sense the vibes. The perfect flooring bestows a welcoming sight to the visitors. Though replacing the floor is an expensive process, the new and designer flooring can change the complete look of your building. 
The floor goes through most of the damage; hence, maintenance and durability are essential when choosing the floor. For an office, a different floor theme will go, which will be different from that you choose for a home. Hence, choose wisely. Natural stones, hardwood, tiles, vinyl, composite planks, and wooden are among the most popular flooring choices.  

6. Painting

The Painting adds an X factor to the overall view of the structure. Many people don’t realize that the choice of painting affects not only the room’s aesthetics but also the lighting. Choose a color which defines the overall purpose of the building without sacrificing the lighting. If you have chosen the right paint as per the aesthetics of your designs, then this is the easiest step to finish. 
In addition to giving the aesthetic value, painting prevents the walls and ceilings from degradation. It resists damage caused due to harsh conditions like water, stain or heat. 
Painting is done on both the walls, the exterior and interior walls. You have multiple options to choose from i.e. – Acrylic emulsion, enamel, distempered, textured, metallic paint etc. Considering your needs, select your paint type.

7. Washrooms

You know that personal hygiene is a key to healthy living. A beautiful building with a substandard washroom can ruin your efforts. The washroom is a popular section inside a building which sets the tone for the entire building. Clean washrooms facilitate a healthy ambience that has a lasting impression on your brand value. Costly washrooms are not necessarily great washrooms. Even a limited budget with good planning can develop the best washroom. 
You have a private washroom at home, but in the case of others like public offices, corporate offices etc., it is better to have gender-specific washrooms. The washroom should be well equipped with washing and toilet facilities. Take extra care of the washroom floor, countertops and the walls. 

Final Finish

Once you are done with 7 significant ways to renovate your building, go for a few ‘Do it Yourself’ (DIY) tricks. Polish your creativity by adopting a few DIY tricks. You need not hire experts for DIY. Simple customization will do the work. 
Simple tricks like wall hangers, colorful cardboards, posters, indoor plants etc., can beautify your existing space. The best part of DIY is that it doesn’t cost you much. Your small pocket will create a big difference in your building. 


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