7 Things You Should Know Before Starting Vaping

Vaping is not new in the world of nicotine delivery. Many people have accepted these devices as a means of enjoying nicotine and calming their nerves. It comes with fewer side effects and is less invasive on the body, unlike its counterpart.  


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While anyone can pick up a vape device and vape, there are essentials one need to know. It is not as straightforward as seeing your favorite celebrity vape and following suit. One needs to understand some tricks and essentials that will make your vape experience worth it.  
This is especially true for people switching from other nicotine delivery devices to vaping. Here are seven essentials one needs to Try moo synthetic eliquids coffee milk flavored know before vaping: 

Pick the Right Flavor 

For a start, it is advisable to pick a primary flavor based on your preference. Ideally, you should like a particular flavor. This is the flavor you typically go for when buying a candy or ice cream.  
With time, you can switch and experiment with other flavors. Trying different flavors is the only way to discover the one that will resonate with you. Always rely on and buy from trusted vape juice retailer. 
Also, in your choice of flavor, consider what kind of flavor lover you are: single flavor lover or multi-flavor lover. Try and vape with basic ones as a beginner before proceeding to multi-flavor juice.  
Watch out for the vaper's tongue, a phenomenon that arises when you are used to a single flavor over a long period. As a result, the flavor will not taste as potent and sweet as before.  

Understand Battery Safety 

Battery safety needs to be a priority with whatever vape device you use. This makes it essential to be familiar with a series of safety tips for your battery. Ensure you buy the battery from a trusted seller if you need replacement, get the ideal one with the same specification and avoid batteries with torn wrappers.  
Try and understand the basics of Ohm’s Law. Also, your battery's amperage draw rating should be above the current it supplies. With this, if you are using a battery rated 20A; you shouldn't draw above 16 ohms from it.  

Chose the Right Vaporizer Type 

The right vaporizer type is essential for you to have a smooth experience of vaping. You will likely be confused with the myriads of vape devices available if you visit any merchant online. However, there are techniques to help you chose  
For people heavily hooked on another nicotine device, you need a vaporizer and e-juice that can satisfy your craving for nicotine. There are simple starter kits for people who want to quit smoking.  
If beating nicotine addiction is your goal, consider going for disposable vaporizers. Using them is easy, and it can help bring down your nicotine addiction. Such vaporizer comes with vape pods which are incredibly helpful for people intending to break the addiction.  

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Consider the Right PG to VG Ratio 

The essential ingredients in vape juice are PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable glycerin). These ingredients are safe and present in some daily items we use.  
There is no specific ratio of these two, which means one needs to explore various means to get the best for one's need. However, to guide your choice, here are some things to put into consideration: 

Throat Hit:   

People switching from other nicotine devices to vaping might want the throat hit they experience. Luckily, this is possible with vaping as well. PG is responsible for the hit you get at the back of your head. Your PG to VG ratio should tend towards the PG side if you want that throat hit.  

Clouds of Vapor 

Some people derive joy from watching clouds of vapor rise into the air. There are competitions to see who can even blow the largest amount of vapor. People who prefer this need more VG in their vape juice.  

Vaping is Unique compared to Other Nicotine Delivery Systems. 

One of the reasons why vaporizers were invented was to help people hooked on other nicotine systems drop the habit. As a result, some e-cig was designed as a replica of such device. However, an e-cig stand out from other nicotine delivery device in many ways. The feel of the device in your hands and its effect on your mouth and lung differs.  

Changing Your Coil Should be Regular 

Your coil is made of cotton and metal wire, fixed inside the tank. The vape juice travels through the coil, and the metal heats it to a vapor state. Once you start getting some funky taste from the vape, changing the coil is essential.  
You might exhaust your vape coil as early as a week, while others might last up to 3 weeks—the type of coil matters, alongside the nature of the vape juice.  
This makes it essential to change your coil constantly, especially when the taste seems unpleasant. Ideally, try and change the coil twice a month.  

Understand Vaping Etiquette 

Vapers need to understand that some etiquettes guide vaping. The entire population is yet to be enlightened on the difference between vaping and other nicotine delivery devices. As a result, vaping is not allowed everywhere, and similar rules that bind other nicotine delivery bound vaping.  
As a result, ensure you know the rules wherever you want to vape. Don’t assume that since there is no smoke, people around will not be offended.  
Avoid vaping indoors, in public like a restaurant, bars, malls, airports, etc. Be mature and act responsibly. You also should not vape around kids and pets.  

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Learning the essentials of vaping will help ensure you have a good time while vaping. It is a whole new world with many things to discover. Take your time, learn the basic and enjoy what vaping have in stock for you.  

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