7 Reasons Why You Need a Bathroom Renovation

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Considering redecorating or remodeling the bathroom? Reorganizing your space could help you get a fresh perspective – and stay ahead of the neighbor’s décor.

Keeping your bathroom updated is a thankless and never-ending task. When you turn your back for a few minutes, one of the family is in there smudging the fresh paint., splashing water from the tub up the walls and undoing all your good work. Here are some reasons why a professional bathroom renovation could be better for you and your family.

The 7 Reasons A Bathroom Renovation is Best

Bathrooms are one of the grubbiest rooms in your house. They see use multiple times a day by every family member. The bigger your family, the grubbier the bathroom gets and faster. These 7 reasons should convince you why renovation is the best solution.

1 – There’s no substitute for a pro finish

Before you rush off to grab a sledgehammer, consider that a professional remodel is best. You can obtain the skillful services of a pro bathroom fitter near you easily enough. See this page for bathroom remodeling in Paso Robles.

2 – Bathrooms get grubby quickly

As we mentioned, the main reason to get a bathroom remodel for your home is the grubbiness factor. While other rooms in the house can go for years without redecoration, you should freshen your bathroom annually, or it will look dirty. Nobody wants to use a dirty bathroom.

3 – Bathroom remodeling upgrades the value of your property

If you are looking to resell your home soon, a bathroom remodeling could increase the resale value. According to trading websites, adding a new bathroom or upgrading an existing one can add up to 6% of your property’s value.

4 – It sells your house faster

If you want to sell your house quickly, you better remodel the bathroom. If you were a buyer walking into a house and you saw an old, grubby bathroom, would you want to buy it? People want houses they can move straight into. If the bathroom is old and unfortunate, they won’t want to move into your property at all.

5 – Prevention is better than cure

If you just bought a 100-year-old house, there is a chance that your house has 100-year-old plumbing. It might have no water pressure, a leaking tank, or burst joins in the pipes. There might be no problems at all, but how likely is that? Remodeling the bathroom lets you get a good look at those pipes, preventing future problems.

6 – The emotional benefits

A new bathroom feels like a luxury. It is your space for reclining in a tub, relaxation, and pampering. You can’t properly relax in a bathroom with mold patches on the ceiling and no ventilation, can you?

7 – It meets your needs

The old bathroom that was there when you moved in belonged to someone else. It suited their needs – but does it suit yours? Some families have children that need wet rooms or freestanding baths. Some people prefer a large, roomy shower, while others want a home spa system or hot tub. In short, remodeling your bathroom is fulfilling your needs. And there is nothing wrong with self-care.

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