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7 Bright Ideas for Better Office Lighting

7 Bright Ideas for Better Office Lighting

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Lighting can have so many different effects depending on how it is used. From boosting productivity to improving security, there are many great reasons to upgrade your lighting. Of course, at the same time, you need to consider the cost of lighting your premises. This post delves more into some of the best ideas to boost your business with lighting while keeping costs low. 

Illuminate your signage

Bold signage is essential for helping customers to find you – and one of the best ways to make your sign stand out is to illuminate it. There are a few different ways to light up a sign ranging from light box displays to neon lighting. LEDs are typically to light up all modern signs (most modern neon signs even use LEDs instead of traditional neon as it is safer as well as being energy-saving). It’s worth taking the time to look at different types of illuminated signage to work out which is most suitable for your premises. A sign company can help to design a sign for you to your specs. 

Choose motion sensing lighting

Motion sensing lighting only turns on when motion is detected – which can make it a great energy-saving option for many businesses. A lot of commercial premises use motion-sensing lighting in bathrooms. This can ensure that lighting is only switched on when the bathroom is in use. Motion sensing lighting can also be useful around the exterior of a commercial building. This helps guide visitors to your entrance, while also warding off burglars who will find it harder to break in undetected – all while saving you a lot of energy compared to if you were using permanent lighting. 

Install smart bulbs

Smart bulbs have many different advantages. Firstly, they can be remotely controlled using an app. Secondly, they can be programmed to automatically adjust in intensity depending on the time of day. This could include triggering exterior lighting to slowly come on as it gets dark. The warmth and coolness of interior lighting can also be adjusted to match the time of day (cool lighting typically feels more natural at night and midday, while warm lighting is better suited to dusk and dawn). There are lighting companies that can help you install smart bulbs and program them to your desired settings. 

Add desk lamps

If your office is lit up purely using overhead lighting, it could be time to consider other options. Desk lamps can provide focused lighting that could be more practical and cost-effective than using intense overhead lighting. Having this additional lighting may also help to reduce eye strain and headaches. Desk lamps can also be useful for lighting up reception desks and workshop tables. 

Save money with track lighting

A single overhead light is typically not enough in most rooms. Some company buildings have multiple recessed lights installed across the ceiling to help provide more even light distribution – however this can be costly due to the amounts of wiring needed. Track lighting can be a cheaper way to illuminate a room with multiple lights. Instead, multiple lights are attached to a single track, which reduces the amount of wiring installation needed. Each of these lights can be pointed in a different direction to light up the entire room. A lighting company can help you explore different styles of track lighting. 

Maximize natural light

Natural light has many health benefits over artificial light. It helps our bodies to produce vitamin D – which is an important nutrient for our skin health, bone health and mood. Relying more on natural lighting can also save money on artificial lighting. That said, increasing natural lighting in a building typically involves installing more windows, which can be very expensive. There are other ways to maximize natural light including opting for frosted glass partitions over opaque partitions, and making sure that obstacles aren’t blocking windows (including interior and exterior obstacles). 

Embrace solar power

Lighting is one of the biggest sources of energy consumption for many businesses. Installing solar panels can be a good investment, because it can allow you to harvest your own free energy from the sun to power your building’s lighting. Solar panel installation isn’t cheap, but it can pay off in the long run by reducing your mains energy bills. You can use solar panels to power all of the lights in your commercial premises, or you can use them to power individual lights. It’s worth spending time shopping around for solar panel installation services to get the best price. 

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