6 Ways to Get Rid of Slippery Floors

Coming face flat with the floor has happened to many of us. You may laugh it off at that moment, but it is quite awkward especially in public places and could cause serious injury 
A floor could be slippery due to moisture, oil spill, grease, or even the nature of the floor. A slippery floor is a disaster waiting to happen. To save yourself from this nuisance, you should consider giving it a thorough tidying up and increasing the traction of your floor by any means possible.  
Below are highly recommended ways to do so: 
1. Proper housekeeping 
You may want to postpone the cleaning of a little drop of oil or water on your floor. However, you shouldn't because I almost ended up in the ER as a result. Instead of passing by it, why not clean it off immediately? You should use cleaning agents that can actively dissolve oil and grease for better results. And always use a dry mop after cleaning to remove any water and soap remnants. It is one thing to have a sparkling floor but another to achieve a less slippery floor.  
2. Use Anti-slip adhesive treads 
Consider laying down adhesive tapes on your slippery floors. They come in different shades but to preserve the appearance of your floor, you should consider the transparent ones. They are easy to lay and can go in corners too. Although you should be wary of air spaces while spreading the tap as it can trap in specks of dirt subsequently.  
3. Invest in floor coating 
Cover your floors with anti-slip coats especially if it is made of concrete. Have you wondered how that attractive glossy finish is achieved in most company's parking lots or your favorite mall? They use epoxy floor coatings to get that mostly. It has hard-wearing properties, user friendly, and gives you good value for your money. 
4. Change your floor 
You may want to consider changing your floor if the floor material is too smooth and slip prone. You should install a floor that has a high coefficient of friction. Although it might be pricey, it is better than falling multiple times. Alternatively, you can utilize floor treatments for your floors. 
5. Apply floor treatments 
A good anti-slip floor should have an excellent traction ability. It is no longer news that a lot of people have lost their balance while having fun. Chemicals are used to create this traction attribute on outdoor floors that are constantly wet, like the pool. 
6. Use of mats/rugs 
Anti-slip mats are made of rough surfaces, and you can place them in your bathrooms, sitting room, and front door. It can be a fun exercise as they come in fitted edges to be fixed together like a puzzle. 
To achieve a slip-free floor, you could choose any of the ways mentioned above or better still combine them. The aim is to keep you balanced on your feet for as long as possible. 

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