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6 Tips to Communicate with Employees the Right Way

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6 Tips to Communicate with Employees the Right Way

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The key to success is cooperation, and the key to good cooperation is communication. If you can freely and effectively communicate with your employees, then you can know that your business is on the right track. Nevertheless, everyone knows how difficult and even sometimes challenging it may be to establish a quality communication channel with your colleagues or employees. It turns out it requires much skill to know how to talk to somebody in an appealing and constructive way. In other words, it can even be called an art of communication, for there is much more than merely imparting information. 

To that end, here are some awesome 6 tips to help you communicate with your employees the right way!

1 Meet regularly

Meeting regularly can ensure effective communication and freedom of expression with your employees. This is because the regularity of the meetings will provide your employees with plenty of opportunities to say something, which will, in turn, make it easier both for you and them to freely communicate what one wants. 

What is more, regular meetings will also contribute to a creation of a working atmosphere that is encouraging and stimulating. This way, your employees may be more motivated and engaged in productivity and active participation. All this can easily boost, if not result in, the success of your business and the overall satisfaction with both you and your employees.

2 Encourage feedback

Feedback is very important in any kind of cooperation and communication. Also, there are many ways to give feedback, and it is important to choose the most agreeable and approachable way. For example, if your employee is always late or does something in the wrong way, it is a good idea to approach them and give them feedback on their work. You should always start your feedback with a positive introduction, and only after that impart your constructive criticism. However, it may sometimes be difficult. What is more, it often requires skill and time to talk about excessive absenteeism and other things, but it is certainly achievable if you devote some of your time to it. This way, you can communicate with your employees in a much more effective way.

3 Group and individual meetings

There may be different types of meetings. Ideally, you should hold meetings on the group and individual levels. Naturally, it is more economic to hold group meetings more often and dedicate the individual ones at your convenience. The individual ones you can arrange with some employees that you believe they need more time or dedication and help to achieve some things. It is also a good idea to have a coffee with your employees. This will help them relax and be more communicative. It is also important that you give them a sense of support and care. Let them know that they are important to you and that everything they are doing matters a lot. This way, they will value their job more, and put more effort into it.

4 Listen actively

In communication, one of the keyways you can win the heart of your interlocutor and communicate effectively is to listen actively. Active listening is actually a kind of feedback that you’re giving your employee while they talk. This is because if you’re listening to them carefully, it gives them the impression that what they are talking about is important and matters to you, and that you respect them.

5 Don’t cut

Make sure you let your employees finish their sentences without your intervention. By the same token, let them know you’re following them. You can show this by your facial expressions that show interest and emotion, and you’re nodding that shows approval and agreement with them. 

6 Be open and honest

Make sure you speak in an authoritative, but not authoritarian way. Give them a subtle sense that you are in charge, and that you are responsible for their work. At the same time, try not to be overly formal and strict. Rather, try to be friendly and cooperative. 

Make sure that you let them know that both of you work for the mutual cause and that you are a team that needs to win. In that way, be open, say what you want and what you expect of them. Likewise, always ask for their opinion and show that you value it. This way, the communication will be much more successful and fruitful.

Being overbearing and full of yourself will bring you nowhere. Instead, trying to find a subtle way to talk effectively with your employees can certainly pave the way to successful communication and profit for your company.


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