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6 Reasons Reo Mesh is Essential in Construction

6 Reasons Reo Mesh is Essential in Construction

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Almost all modern construction projects today require a certain amount of concrete to get the job done right. To make concrete slab even stronger, preventing it from cracking and breakages due to natural elements should be priority number one. In that regard, that’s where reinforcement mesh or Reo Mesh comes in handy. Remember, the bigger the construction project the stronger you would want it to be.

You may still be wondering, “How do I know if I need one in my project? Do all constructions require Reo Mesh Reinforcement?” Look, if your concrete carries heavy loads like foundation walls, footings, and columns, then a Reo Mesh is more than crucial. However, that doesn’t mean other small concrete projects such as driveways and pathways don’t require Reo Mesh. The purpose of reinforcing any concrete project is to make it more durable and long-lasting.
There are countless things to talk about regarding Reo or Reinforcement mesh. That would probably require a separate piece. However, in this one let’s shed some light on 6 reasons why reo mesh is essential.

1. Strengthens Your Foundation

A strong foundation is everything when it comes to building constructions. Whether you are building your home or any other concrete structure, the foundation should be strong enough to withstand the weight. You would also want to ensure there are no cracks or breakages in your foundation. All that becomes possible only if you have your concrete foundation well reinforced with a good quality Reo Mesh. As seen at REOZONE, the reinforcing mesh used in construction comes in several different sizes, styles, and patterns. Some common options include Square, Rectangular, Ute, and Trench mesh variants.
This reinforcing mesh is not only essential when constructing new building foundations, but is equally necessary when doing certain repairs and renovations in buildings. Now you know, always have your foundations reinforced using quality reo meshes and you will enjoy a strong and long-lasting foundation while avoiding many other future problems.

2. Helps Waterproof Your Home

Concrete that is well reinforced using a Reo Mesh prevents the soil beneath the surface from moving. For many homeowners with basements located underneath the house, flooding is usually a common challenge, especially if the concretes are poorly constructed. However, Mesh-reinforced basements are less likely to succumb to the effects of flooding as water is prevented from seeping into the building and causing damage.

3. Reinforces Swimming Pools

Are you thinking of installing a swimming pool or any other water-related feature in your compound? Then investing in strong and durable inground pool walls will pay off in the long run. You will achieve this by installing a concrete Reo Mesh around your pool. Debris and other related objects are prevented from sneaking into your pool and damaging its internal concrete structures. Besides, Reo Mesh will also prevent your swimming pool from developing cracks even if water seeps into the structure by any means. Note! Covering your swimming pool using a pool cover is also crucial.

4. Protects Against Elements

Concrete Reo Mesh is crucial for protecting building structures against various damaging elements. You know how frequent harsh weather and climatic changes cause damages to your home or building if the concrete is not robust enough. For example, if you live in areas where the ground is porous and constantly exposed to huge amounts of rain, storms, etc., then investing in strong Reo Mesh concrete is super-helpful.

5. Reduces Stress on Concrete

Frankly, concrete alone cannot take a lot of stress that is exerted by a particular structure. Ideally, concrete provides strength only against compressive stress but when it comes to tensile, Reo Mesh turns out extremely useful. For example, if you have a basement that is not properly installed with Reo Mesh concrete and a huge amount of water soaks through those walls, then you have a problem. The concrete will start allowing water to seep inside them hence weakening them. You can imagine how much such that risk is to you or your loved ones.

6. Speeds up the Construction Process

Welded Reo Mesh can make construction projects move really fast. Time is never wasted through the on-sight cutting of the reinforcements, placing them one by one, and tying them up. Provided that the welded Reo Mesh is laid down as required, you just pour the concrete. Besides, you can save a lot of man-hours, conveniently speeding up the whole construction process, and also shortening the construction cycle.
As seen in this piece, there are several reasons Reo Mesh is essential in construction. The reinforcing mesh can help ensure that your building is rigid, strong and safe from water and other damaging elements. Also, you won’t incur expenses doing constant repairs now and then.


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