6 qualities to look for when finding a storage facility in Lincoln

When it comes to finding a storage facility in Lincoln, there's no shortage of options. But with so many facilities to choose from, how do you know which is best for you and your belongings?

It's important to research and look for certain qualities in a storage facility to ensure that your items are safe, secure, and well taken care of.

This blog will mention six qualities to look for when finding a storage facility in Lincoln.

Quality #1: Security

Lincoln, Nebraska, is the capital and the second most populous city in the state, with a population of over 284,000, according to the 2020 United States Census.

Like any city, it is important to take precautions to ensure your safety and the security of your belongings. It is always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings, follow basic safety guidelines, and use common sense to protect yourself and your property, especially when finding a storage facility.

Should you choose a local business or go with one of the larger professional chains? It's not just about which option is the most affordable (though that doesn't hurt!), but when it comes to storing your treasured items, having security and peace of mind should always be a priority.

Look for a facility that offers 24/7 surveillance, controlled access, and burglar alarms; these measures will make sure your belongings are safe when they're being monitored around the clock, and that extra precautions have been taken to prevent break-ins from happening in the first place.

With these security measures in place, you can sleep easier at night without worrying about any break-ins or pilfering.

Quality #2: Convenience

Look for Lincoln Ne storage units that offer easy access hours, wide aisles for truck access, and online reservation and payment options.

Having convenient hours will help when it comes to dropping off and picking up your items, so you can rest easy knowing that when you need to access your things, they'll be ready when you arrive.

The wide aisles will ensure that any size of truck or trailer can get to where it needs to go with ease.

And finally, having the ability to reserve and pay for a unit online will allow you to handle all aspects of your storage experience from the comfort of your home.

Quality #3: Cleanliness

Cleanliness should be high on your list of priorities if you're searching for a storage facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.

After all, you want to be confident that your belongings are being stored in a facility that is well-maintained and free of pests.

A tidy and clean storage facility is a sign of a professional and dedicated team, and it can make a big difference in your overall experience of using the premises.

One of the key things to look for when it comes to cleanliness is regular pest control. Pests like mice and insects can cause damage to your items and create an unpleasant environment.

A storage facility that takes pest control seriously is a good sign that they are committed to keeping the premises clean and well-maintained.

In addition to regular pest control, it's also a good idea to look for a storage facility with neat surroundings.

Is the grass trimmed, and is the parking lot free of debris? These small details can indicate the level of care and attention the facility puts into maintaining the premises.

Quality #4: Climate control

If you live in Lincoln, Nebraska, you know that the weather can be quite unpredictable.

The temperature and humidity fluctuate significantly throughout the year, from hot and humid summers to cold and snowy winters. If you're storing items sensitive to these changes, finding a storage facility that offers climate control is important.

Look for a facility with proper insulation that can regulate temperature and humidity to protect your items from damage. This is especially important for items like artwork, electronics, and musical instruments, which can be sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

Finding a storage facility that can protect your items from extreme weather conditions is also a good idea. Lincoln can experience extreme heat and cold, as well as heavy rain and snow.

A storage facility with proper insulation and protection from the elements can help ensure that your items are safe and secure no matter what the weather brings.

Quality #5: Size options

If you're in the process of choosing a storage facility, it's important to find one that offers a range of unit sizes. This is especially important in a city like Lincoln, where the size and style of homes can vary widely.

From cozy cottages to sprawling estates, the amount of stuff you need to store can vary greatly depending on the size of your home.

By finding a storage facility that offers a range of unit sizes, you can ensure that you have the perfect space for your belongings. Whether you're storing a few small boxes or a whole house's worth of furniture, you'll be able to select the unit size that is just right for your needs.

It's also helpful to find a storage facility that allows you to easily upsize or downsize as your storage needs change.

Life is unpredictable, and it's always a good idea to have some flexibility regarding your storage arrangements.

By finding a facility that allows you to easily adjust your unit size as needed, you'll know that you can accommodate any changes in your storage needs.

Quality #6: Flexibility

No matter where you live, life is unpredictable; from career changes to family updates, it's always a good idea to have some flexibility in your plans. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a storage facility.

It's helpful to have a storage facility that can be flexible with you.

Look for a facility that offers month-to-month rental agreements and the option to pay for longer rental periods in advance. This will give you the flexibility to adjust your storage plan as needed. A flexible storage solution can be especially valuable in a city like Lincoln, where the cost of living can be high, and housing can be tight.

Whether you're in between homes, downsizing, or just need a place to store your extra stuff, a storage facility with flexible rental options can help you navigate life's unpredictable twists and turns.


Finding a storage facility in Lincoln doesn't have to be daunting. By looking for these seven qualities, you can be confident that you're selecting a facility that will keep your belongings safe, secure, and well taken care of.

And by doing your research, you'll save yourself time, stress, and potentially even money in the long run.

Trustworthy storage facilities are out there; it just takes a little research to find the perfect one.

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