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6 Marketing Tips For Commercial Real Estate Property

6 Marketing Tips For Commercial Real Estate Property

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This pandemic influenced the business landscape, and the commercial real estate industry is no different. To keep ahead of the competition and generate leads, it evolved and began to rely increasingly on a multi-channel advertising strategy that included online and offline marketing methods. 
Therefore, if you’re a commercial realtor, you’ll want more than business listings to generate a steady stream of leads each month. We have put up a list of 6 real-estate marketing tactics to boost sales in 2022.

  • Take advantage of video marketing

As mobile video usage grows, businesses are starting to embrace videos as a marketing strategy. However, just half of CRE firms have included videos in their business plan, which means they are missing out on fresh leads. Including video in your business model generates interest, increases attractiveness, makes a good impression, and aids in brand memory.
To make a great video for your property, such as Arena Towers, write a narrative (with the audience in mind) that highlights the location, facilities, and outdoor spaces.
You can utilize comparable sports imagery to promote your fitness centers and conference rooms, so the prospect understands they’ll feel like a winner at work. Real estate video marketing is one of the recent fast-growing approaches that has catalyzed many businesses success. 
You may even use a 3-D graphics video to entice prospects about what they might expect if your property is still under construction.
However, if saving time and creating gorgeous videos are your top priorities, choose preset commercial property templates from a good real estate video maker. Once you’ve decided on a template, all you have to do is alter it and swap the material and text to produce an excellent commercial real estate marketing video.

  • Create three-dimensional video demos of your properties

Because 3-D video online guides provide the prospect with a realistic view of the property by generating a real and interactive storyline, they are more likely to convert into a legitimate lead.
During the epidemic, video online guides are also the best option to present homes, allowing your prospects to reduce their options and see only what piques their attention. 
The most significant advantage of employing a video tour is that you may display your business property to as many interested prospects as you want around the clock.

  • Build SEO-optimized websites to generate leads

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving the visibility of your CRE homepage and its content on search engines, building trust with customers, and bringing you highly qualified leads.
Because customers utilize search engines to identify real estate and realtors, improving your website can help you create credibility and find the ideal prospects by incorporating you into their internet research process.
Additionally, Moz keyword findings suggest that the site ranks for terms such as “commercial real estate services” and “global corporate real estate service.”
It also ranks first for several search phrases, owing to its long history of establishing authority and trust through high-quality content that interests its prospects.
As a result, SEO is a long-term activity that must be maintained to increase approximately traffic and visibility. 
Making your site mobile-friendly and integrating title tags, headers, and meta descriptions to web pages is a good place to start with SEO.
Once you’ve learned the fundamentals, start producing high-quality content on a regular basis based on general (Texas commercial realtor), particular (Class A shop space for rent in Oklahoma), and customized search phrases that your prospects may use.

  • Set up a Google Business Profile

As Google is likely to be the first place your consumers will search for you, getting a Google My Business (GMB) listing is critical. 
GMB provides testimonials, contact information, and other critical factors that increase your reputation.
Furthermore, your company will begin to appear in area search queries such as “commercial realtors near me.” 
This increases your page exposure and overall page ranking by informing Google that your site is relevant to what visitors are looking for.
Hence, follow the protocol outlined below if you want to improve your reputation and exposure by building a GMB page.

  1. Visit the Google Business page and select the Manage Now button.

  2. Then, in the URL bar, search for your property or choose to Create a Business with this name to add your business to Google.

  1. Next, provide your firm name, address, and service regions.
  1. Finally, provide your contact information, company description, professional photographs, and mailing address. 

Get a worksheet template and submit the complete spreadsheet if you have workplaces in several locations.

  1. If you’ve already confirmed your property using the Google Search Console, GMB will quickly verify it. Otherwise, you must use the postal verification procedure.
  • Show testimonials to build trust

Testimonials are the most effective technique to create trust with new customers while selling your services without actively selling since they demonstrate how you helped your customers overcome their trouble points.
Develop a separate feedback company website, showcase your testimonials across several platforms (websites, video, newsletters, social media, and so on), or create extensive case studies on why clients should choose you over your competition.
You can demonstrate the company’s readiness to listen to its clients’ goals, finances, and so on and assist them in moving into an appropriate place accordingly.
To develop feedback that positions you as the obvious answer for your prospect, ask your customer to describe the specific problem, how you assisted them in addressing it, and a few things they loved about collaborating with you.
Also, provide the reviewer’s name and an image (if possible) to give your testimonies more legitimacy.
If you don’t have any recommendations yet, contact previous clients and convince them of the value you’ve offered and offer them a reward for taking the time to write a fantastic recommendation for you.

  • Make use of email marketing

Several studies have indicated that industrial realtors choose email marketing because it lets them connect with their prospects by sending tailored communications to different audience segments.
While social media helps you reach a broad target audience in a few clicks, it doesn’t enable you to divide messages and achieve a greater personalization level than email. That is why, compared to other social media platforms, e-marketing is more successful at attracting and maintaining clients.

Over to you 

Real estate business is evolving, and industrial realtors sell their services through digital and offline advertising. Every big and small firm is leveraging commercial real estate marketing, so you mustn’t stay back. When you are serious about taking real estate marketing online, take advantage of videos. 


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