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6 Designs for an Easy-to-Clean Home

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6 Designs for an Easy-to-Clean Home

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An easy-to-clean home is what everyone dreams about. But to keep that brilliantly designed and beautifully decorated home spick and span all the time, you need to put in continuous efforts. Here are six tips you can follow to ensure you choose an easy-to-clean home, so your interiors never lose their shine.

How to Give Your Home a Tidy Look

1. Pick the Right Flooring

Floors go through it all, from being walked over to getting scratches and mud on them. So, when it comes to selecting the right flooring for every room, you cannot choose to ignore it.

There are tons of choices when it comes to flooring. You have a wide variety of stones, carpeting, concrete, ceramic, and others! But go only for the ones that work the best for you. This means that choose one that suits your cleaning habits and preferences. For example, since marble is a porous material, white marble floor tiles are high-maintenance and require extreme care. You cannot spill anything on them and must take precautions while cleaning. Whereas other marble design, like onyx marble, is available in different colours and fall into the “easy-to-clean” category. So, take extra care and keep your cleaning pattern in mind.

2. Go for Elevated Furniture

Cleaning floors is a challenge for anyone. We are constantly stepping on them. On top of that, sometimes even furniture can get in the way of cleaning. Well, certainly, you cannot not step on floors, but what you can do is select furniture that makes cleaning easy.

Heavy pieces of furniture are not easy to pick up and clean. So, go for the ones that are elevated from the bottom. You can get rid of dirt beneath them and also get a more spacious-looking home.

3. Install Built-in Storage

Built-in storages are great for getting rid of the annoying clutter lying around in your house. Moreover, you get more space to store things in a tidy manner. Putting them away becomes simple, and you can even save time searching for them as you know where exactly you have stored them.

4. Choose Upholstery That is Easy to Clean

Cotton fabrics are comfortable but can get dirty easily and are not suited for daily use. So, people who are clumsy or have kids love having leather upholstery since they are the easiest to clean. All you need to do is wipe the dirty surface, and you are free. Even dusting them is hassle-free. When choosing a fabric, ensure you stay away from lighter shades like white or ivory. Go for darker ones like wine red, mustard, black or grey. They are easy to hide stains.

5. Pay Attention to the Walls

Usually, people living with kids or pets understand how difficult it is to keep their walls clean all the time. So, it is essential to select the right type of paint. If you constantly chase your kids around to stop them from making a mess of your walls or have trouble cleaning them and find yourself recolouring, opt for a high gloss paint rather than the matte ones. They are easier to clean and maintain.

6. Select Kitchen Layouts Carefully

Most people like to have the popular L-shaped and C-shaped parallel kitchens since they are easy to maintain and save a lot of space. They create the impression of clean and tidy-looking kitchen space!

· Countertops

Apart from the layout, it’s also important to choose the right countertops. For example, quartz has been a recent favourite. Their stability and capability to handle all kinds of scraping make them a perfect choice for a kitchen countertop. It’s non-porous, making it easy to maintain and clean.

· Cabinets:

There’s nothing more satisfying than clean cabinets. But they can get dirty pretty quickly. To avoid that, choose the ones that are smooth so they can be wiped down with a cloth easily. Place the washing sink away from your cabinets to avoid moulds. Frosted glass window cabinets add the convenience factor as it’s easier to look through them.

Designing a house is a one-time job, but putting effort into cleaning it regularly is a task that will stay with you lifelong. Incorporating intelligent interior planning and a proper cleaning routine can get you the desired home you have always dreamt of!

Author Bio: Aparna Rao has a great passion for interior design and decor. Her design mantra is that the interiors of any space should be designed keeping in mind functionality and aesthetics. She works as a content marketer for Stonex India, a leading marble manufacturer, and has gained valuable insights into the marble stone industry. Her extensive knowledge of different types of stones and their properties as well as interior design is what makes her content stand apart and is appreciated by her readers. Through her content, she also offers creative, innovative, and effective design and decor solutions.


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