6 Career Options For People That Didn’t Go To College

The student experience is not for everyone, whether you never graduated high school, dropped out your first year of college, or concluded long ago that a full-time study pathway is not for you. Choosing a career pathway is no different than choosing your major at college. Here is a comprehensive guide that will allow you to make a more informed decision.

Choosing a Career

Your major in college can set you on a specific career pathway, and for this very reason, if you did not go to college, choosing a career can be overwhelming. However, by considering a few factors, you can make the process easy for yourself. Is there a hobby you would like to turn into a full-time job? Do you think you are better suited for a 9 to 5 or running a business? And do you have any necessary training to jump-start your career in a specific industry?
By performing a self-assessment, you will be able to make an objective decision. The process can take weeks, months, and even years! 

Career Options If College Was Not for You

  • Customer Service Representative

As a customer service representative, your role will be to interact, guide, and aid existing and potential customers on behalf of the hiring company. Your everyday activities will include:

  • Providing the buyers and potential clients with information regarding the product.
  • Solving their complaints.
  • Reporting the necessary data to your superiors. 

You should be willing to adapt to the organization's environment as it will require some degree of patience and excellent communication skills. Often, hiring companies will facilitate a detailed training program to provide you with an understanding of the products and equip you with the skills to deal with customers. 

  • Real Estate Agent

As compared to the other options, becoming a real estate agent is relatively more straightforward. It does not matter if you are taking your classes physically or online. The process of securing a license from its start to finish will take around six months. If you are always on the go or cannot balance physical classes with daily life, Kentucky real estate schools suggest taking virtual courses that can be taken regardless of your location. After securing your license, you must find a real estate broker. They will be sponsoring you for the next few years before you are able to obtain your own broker's license and practice real estate on your own. 

  • Copywriters

If you are well-versed in sales and language skills, consider a career in copywriting. Copywriters produce written content for an array of advertising mediums. It does not require any prior experience and mastering the skill can land jobs that pay well. The only requirement is that the message you produce sells!

  • Software Developer

Many giant corporations do not consider a formal degree a necessity anymore. Instead of putting themselves through a four-year program, many coders now prefer boot camps specializing in software development. Not only are they cheaper, but they can also help you build connections for potential collaborations later on. 
A career in software development allows a ton of flexibility and creativity. You can shift between mediums of coding and manage multiple projects easily. 

  • Digital Marketing

Thousands of digital marketers are enjoying the benefits of high-paying jobs without having to secure a degree. The field typically provides the flexibility to choose between on-site and stay-at-home jobs. You can either self-teach using online resources or enroll in digital marketing courses to better equip yourself before entering the field. 

  • Database Manager

A database manager is essential to a company's organization. You will collect and categorize data using specialized software provided by the organization. Additionally, you will also be establishing communication methods so that everyone can access the data securely at all times. 
This career does not require formal education, and you will be able to locate a job in almost every industry. 

Is College Still Worth It?

The answer will vary depending on the individual. While some organizations require formal education for employment, many are ditching their attempts to locate employees with a college degree and are directing their efforts toward finding skillful people. 

While a college graduate will likely earn a higher salary than their peers who hold only a high school diploma, you should remember that it is not set in stone. Invest in learning a high-paying skill, build a market competitive portfolio, and send your resume to hundreds of employers. Just like a college graduate, you will have to wait patiently and be adaptable if you wish to advance your career over time. 

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