6 Advantages: Composite Decking vs Wood Decking

Homeowners have long used wood decking as an outdoor flooring material in homes. But because it is more prone to damages and difficult to maintain, homeowners now prefer composite decking instead. What is composite decking? And also the advantages of composite decking over wood decking? 
What Is Composite Decking? 
Composite decking is a flooring material that consists of a mixture of wood fibers and recycled plastic. It is combined with a bonding agent and melted to form a composite decking board. How is composite decking better than wood? Let's consider some of the advantages of composite decking over wood decking. 
Advantages of Composite Decking Over Wood 
Composite decking had a lot of advantages over wood decking. When you consider these advantages, you will have no choice but to install composite decking in your home. Let's consider some of the advantages of composite decking. 
Composite decking is aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners value composite decking because of the way it looks. Although a synthetic material, the makers customize composite decking to look exactly like wood.  
The decking board is also available in varieties of colours that are unlikely to fade. Composite decking boards can stay beautiful for decades when compared to wood decking. You don't have to apply paint on the composite board or stain it like wood. Its aesthetics is one of the advantages composite decking has over wood. 
Another advantage of composite decking over wood is that composite is more durable than wood decking. Composite decking is a strong flooring material that is resistant to the elements. The composite board will not warp when there is a temperature change. It will expand and contract and still maintain its form.  
Apart from that, composite decking is not like wood decking that can crack, break or splinter due to heavy foot traffic. Once composite decking is installed properly with composite joists rather than wood counterparts, it lasts for years without the deck breaking. Wood decking, on the other hand, will crack or break due to the wear and tear of the material. 
Prolong Lifespan 
Composite decking also has a longer lifespan compared to timber decking. Since the composite board is more durable than the wood, its lifespan can extend to 30 years and above. Wood decking, on the other hand, can span up to 15 years with adequate maintenance. When choosing a composite decking board for your home, select a brand with a longer warranty. Its prolonged lifespan is also part of the advantages composite decking has over wood decking. 
In addition, composite decking is rot-free. If you install wood decking in your home, it will rot over time, leading to a replacement of the wood deck. The composite board, on the other hand, will not rot. It is a kind of flooring material you will use for decades without replacing it. Because composite boards are resistant to rot, homeowners now replace their wood decking with composite.  
Easy Maintenance 
Composite decking is easy to maintain. Even though it is more expensive than wood decking, it doesn't require extra money for maintenance like wood. Wood decking is cheaper, but you will have more maintenance. The amount you will expend in maintaining timber is thrice the amount you will spend in purchasing composite decking. You will need to sand wood, stain it and apply sealants to it annually. Besides, you will also need to replace part of it since it can rot, warp, break or splinter. Composite boards, on the other hand, do need elaborate maintenance. With soap and water, you can maintain the look of your composite decking. 
Finally, among the advantages composite decking has over wood decking is that it is water-resistant. Wood will absorb water and swell if you Install it in a moist environment. But, the composite board will not swell like wood since it is resistant to water. 
The advantages of composite decking over wood decking will make you want to install composite boards in your home. Composite board is more durable than wood, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain. 

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