5 Ways To Use Amp Technology In Email Newsletters To Increase Their Effectiveness

AMP acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a web component framework and a website publishing technology developed to build pages for static content, it allows the pages to load much faster than regular HTML. Simply, AMP is aimed at loading pages faster and also improve user experience on the internet.
AMP is effective in everything you do on the internet; even though it has its limitations, it is still very effective. Here are the steps to take to use AMP effectively:

  • Proper research and plan
  • Make sure they are validated before you use them
  • Documents the process for building AMP

The effective use of AMP in emails enables one to add unique content to old fixed email pages, and it allows clients to react to the mail directly in the message. With the ability to view more photos and check for price offers, it has made it easy for customers to get whatever they want through the mail without having to live the mail or download the site page and open another page.
Using AMP effective email for your business can be beneficial to you and your organization, it helps you create an interactive email, users can reply to Google Docs comments. It enhances your opportunity of getting positive results by increasing the time spent on your emails. Gmail subscribers now spend more time on the mail, with a well-documented technology, and add many new cool functions to Gmail.
You need not fear the involvement of third-party, the conversation in an AMP-enabled mail is between the sender and the recipients only.
Here are five(5) ways to use AMP technology in email newsletters to increase effectiveness and improve the result.

1.   Online shopping/E-commerce

Online shops can use AMP to give a complete checkout option within the email to their clients; it enables users to make an order from the mail directly. They can buy get whatever they want and how they want it making their preferred choice without leaving the mail. The technology helps emails from online stores remain new and updated, so you don’t have to send new emails constantly.
There is no overemphasizing the fact that AMP for email limits the involvement of 3rd party services, and this helps e-commerce customers feel protected and secured as ads are not allowed in AMP enabled email. AMP allows users to have fewer clicks in the conversion path, which is good for both parties. Using AMP in your e-commerce mail will also create more sales.
AMP allows reviews on mail. Customers can tell you how they feel about a product. Allowing customers to have a conversation with review directly in an email makes it easy to know what they want and how to improve the quality of your service.

2.   Finance

Using AMP technology for financial email is transformative for the financial sector. It comes with an online calculator form within the email that has so some functions like clarifying loan details and make basic calculations directly from the email. Experts have been advising and pushing for effective mobile optimization of bank and credit union emails.
The use of AMP supports this idea and aids in the creation of more opportunities. Often, taking on a loan from financial institutions can be stressful and slow, most fin-tech application can be very slow when loading and will need a strong network to load fully when you log in to the app.
After passing through this phase, checking up on the status of the loan can even get more stressful, but with the use of AMP email, the client can check up on loan status and even collect loan without going through the “often time” slow process of using the app or website.
Through the AMP in your email, one can get an estate appraisal or property valuation. Clients can develop an opinion of value for real property, which we know that appraisals on real estate properties are important for deciding the value of the property.

3.   For Bookings

Any organization that does booking for better services will benefit from AMP, as this would help in the development of such an organization. They use the AMP to send their routine booking emails to clients and potential customers.
For hotels, after sending their emails, AMP allows customers to check through the different hotel rooms using the carousel feature and checking prices directly from the mail, which they would have done on the website. Booking in a foreign country can easily use quick translation services on the internet like The Word Point to figure your way around.
The travel industry can also use AMP in their email as people will want to know how much the bus ticket or plane ticket cost and taxi fare. Every booking business can apply AMP in their email. Restaurants can apply it to enable a customer to tell you their preferred choice of seat and meal through the mail and others.

4.   Survey Emails

You can use AMP technology for survey emails. It creates better accessibility compared to survey websites and allows the users to answer survey questions right there in the mail without leaving for another page to login on the website. Organizations and marketers who do surveys can make it very easy to take surveys by utilizing the templates on AMP email.
Using AMP technology in your survey emails, you can create a friendly atmosphere for increasing survey emails, making it easier for more participation. As soon as the survey begins, through AMP technology, you will get the necessary updates. Normally, a survey is not something you do in a minute, and you will receive reminders if it’s about to start or for an incomplete survey.
The experiences you get from using AMP for your email, like the customers being able to give feedback concerning surveys and answering questions directly, will enhance the response rate for any survey.

5.   Events Invites

These days, ‘about to wed’ couples are shifting from physical invitation cards to digital invitation cards while they send them through mail oftentimes. You should also use AMP technology in your invitation mail since it can let guests RSVP directly through the mail and give the necessary feedback.
With this ability, you are engaging your guests more and will also help you in preparing for what to expect for whatever events or seminars you are inviting people for.


AMP technology built to give a better user experience on email and has its huge benefits. Some people have not realized how to utilize this technology effectively; that is why this post was created, from online shopping to booking and so on to tell you how to use the AMP technology effectively and what area of the email you can use the technology.
About the Author: Gregory Chapman is passionate about researching new technologies in both mobile, web and WordPress. Also, he works onBest Writers Online the best writing services reviews. Gregory in love with stories and facts, so Gregory always tries to get the best of both worlds.

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