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5 Ways to Grow A Construction Business in 2021

5 Ways to Grow A Construction Business in 2021

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The year 2021 poses a challenging year for businesses and enterprises, particularly for construction companies. As the world is now coping with the pandemic, businesses are urged to adapt to the ever-changing environment and cope with technological advancements taking over – one example is the drastic online shift of everyday activities.
Chaos theory provides that management should divert to adaptability, innovation, and entrepreneurial activity to survive in times like this. But how can you, as a construction business owner, thrive in these challenging times? Here are ways to help grow your business in 2021 and build it further to success:

1.   Learn to Adapt to the Times

As a contractor, your business needs to also evolve with your clients’ trends and needs. In this pandemic, people are urged to stay home and maintain social distancing. With this, you need to have an effective system that could reach out to your existing clientele and that your services will be accessible to potential customers.
With everything going online, you should consider integrating a software program to streamline customer service, management tools such as inventory, payslip, scheduling, etc. Other necessary processes can be included in your business practice.
Weave provides you with the support you need in making the management of your construction business easier. From email management to text message marketing, this software provides you with seamless customer support integration and makes it easier for you to connect with your clients. Hop on to https://www.getweave.com for more information.

2.   Do a Comprehensive Assessment of Your Business Processes

Make an evaluation of your company’s current standing – from the sales revenues, customer recall and referral, to employee work satisfaction – and bring up an assessment of the facts derived from it.
These factors may be reviewed by going over your accounts, logbooks, inventory, sales records, and employee reports. You can also go over customer feedback on the web regarding the services availed from your company or their reviews regarding the projects that have been started, completed, or already turned over to them.
With this, a big room for improvement is awaiting as assessing your company’s status at present will help identify areas in the business that need to be focused on or issues that need to be solved right away.

3.   Improve Your Financial Management

A construction business entails taking on big projects that need proper financial management, as overhead costs must be taken into account, including the additional costs that may be incurred during the duration of any project.
When it is time for project-bidding, consider how much would be spent for a solo project and if your finances may allow going into such a venture.
Creating a budget would be a sure help as this could serve as your basis for your operating expenses, and to keep you on your toes for unexpected and unnecessary expenses.

4.   Prioritize Customer Relations

The lifeblood of a construction business is the projects taken on, and having a good relationship with your clientele creates room for them to refer your company to others who would require construction services as well. Customer service is the key to growing a business in a way that people get to know your business on a personal level.
Good customers should also be given premiums so that you have a loyal following and that more projects may be referred to you by satisfied clients. At your discretion, you may also pick customers who are great to deal with and politely decline customers whose demands you think are already a nuisance to the business.

5.   Increase Your Availability for Clients

Speaking of customer service, as a business owner, you must make yourself available and accessible not only to your present clients but also to potential customers. Although everything is now done online, and anyone can message another through messaging apps or email, most clients still prepare for human interaction.
Indeed, it is entirely stressful to be receiving calls left and right, throughout the day. Hence, you can ask your clients to send an email instead of a personal meeting, as businesses and their owners and employees work-from-home now, which states in full narration their concern.
If you wish to have your time respected, you may opt to only include your business hours, or if you have a website, provide a number other than your personal number. If you don’t have a specific customer service representative, you may also delegate someone to answer inquiries online from those who have questions about the company and its services.


No matter how tough the times become, especially in this “new normal”, as long as you stick to your goal as a business owner- that is, to grow and expand your construction business, hopefully, the tips enumerated above will help you in navigating your way through the challenges waiting ahead.


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