5 Things You Must Have While Traveling With A Dog

Many dog owners have a solid attachment to their dogs. As a result, it is not surprising that they might want to go on a trip with their dog. It might also be due to the lack of a dog sitter or someone to care for the dog in their absence.  
Whatever the reason, traveling with your dog can be overwhelming or rewarding, depending on how you prepare for it. Without a doubt, your dog will be excited at the idea of exploring new places. Her entire senses – the eyes, nose, and ears will be stimulated. As a result, she will be happy to explore what the journey has in stock for her.  


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However, the level of preparation for the trip matters, and it affects how well both parties will enjoy the trip. This comes down to packing and going with all essentials that will make the journey a smooth one. You need more than food and water for your dog to be comfortable on the trip.  
Your dog treat, toys, vaccination records, treats, and many more are accessories you should travel with while going on the journey. This article will shed light on five essentials you should always have with you for every trip with your dog: 

Toys and Treats  

This list will not be complete without adding pet toys and treats. Even humans get bored when confined inside an airplane or motor vehicle for a long time, let alone your pet. Your dog might be overwhelmed due to the surge of new stimulations that they are faced with. In other words, the fresh smell, sight, and sound might make them act out. According to studies, pets living in captivity get bored easily.  
Treats and toys might serve as good distractions to distract and reward them for good behavior. Toys can be an excellent way to cure boredom and get them engaged. Ensure to pack their favorite chew toys. If you get a chance to relax on the trip, try to play a game of fetch and catch. The idea is to wear them out as a tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Consider getting a travel dog playpen as you prepare for the trip.  

First Aid Kit 

While no one hopes for an accident, it sometimes happens. Yet, you cannot be too prepared for the trip. Having a first aid kid can go a long way in helping you have a smooth journey.  
Ensure your first aid contains all essentials that your pet might need. You can either buy one or put it together yourself. However, ensure the content of your first aid kit can take care of food poisoning, bruises, bumps, scratches, etc., on the trip.  
A first aid kit is not negotiable for a camping trip and all forms of outdoor adventures. You should endeavor to have simple things like scissors, wipes, gauze bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers for getting rid of ticks and splinters, etc.  
Also, your dog might accidentally eat something which could trigger an allergy on the trip. Ensure you give special attention to dogs prone to allergies or on medications while traveling. Your vaccine bag should have all essential drugs and supplements. Try and refill before the trip for dogs on medicines that might prove difficult to replace at your destination.  


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Collar with ID Tag or Harness 

Dogs are naturally curious and explorers by nature, especially puppies. Yet, you might not be able to keep an eye on your dog every moment on the trip. This is where an ID tag comes in should your dog wander away from sight on the trip.  
An ID tag will ensure that any stranger that finds your dog can get your contact information so that returning her safely to you will not pose an issue. As a result, ensure she has an ID tag every time on the trip. Many countries require that a dog always has the ID tag as law.  
Dog ID tags are obvious, making it easy for anyone to help your dog get to you safely if she gets lost.  

Pet Carrier 

One of the first things that should come to your mind while preparing for a journey with your dog is the dog carrier. You need more than a dog kennel as it is essential to consider something suitable for an extended trip. For people who will be flying, ensure you know the airline regulations concerning pet carriers.  
Ensure the dog carrier is comfortable for her and secure. If possible, try and help your dog get used to the carrier before the journey. Besides that, ensure the carrier is safe and provides adequate security for your dog on the trip.  

Blankets and Beddings 

It is a good idea to try and help your dog maintain its routine and schedule when on the trip. As a result, traveling with its blanket and bedding will ensure optimum comfort while away. Besides, it will also make it easy for her to adapt to the new place on time. Since the dog is already used to the blanket and bedding, getting used to the new location will not pose a problem.  
With the blankets, you can also prevent anxiety and nervousness on the trip. It can also help persuade a nervous dog to get some rest.  


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Going on a trip with your dog does not have to be a nightmare. This article has discussed several things that you need to have a meaningful journey with your dog. 

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