5 Signs That Your Plumbing Has Problems

One of the most stressful and irritating problems you will face as a homeowner is plumbing problems. Plumbing systems require proper attention and maintenance. When you have plumbing issues, your entire household will be affected as the living experience in a home with plumbing issues becomes terrible.
Plumbing problems can cost you a lot of money, time, discomfort, and inconvenience. Significant issues may require costly repairs and replacements. However, before significant problems arise, there will be symptoms or minor issues first. These can be signs that you have a plumbing issue.
Here are some of those signs:
Leaking faucets.
When droplets don’t stop trickling from the faucets, you may need to replace your faucets even when they are turned off. Some shrug this off as a minor issue that doesn’t need fixing, while some may even live years with leaking taps. When you don’t address this, you waste a large amount of water and incur additional water bills.
It can take time before fluids drain away.
It is one of the obvious signs you have a clogged drain. In some cases, you can use a plunger to fix it. If it remains blocked, you may need a drain cleaner to solve the problem. However, these drain cleaners are made of harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes. You’ll be able to judge when pipes are already deteriorating when there are cracks and leaks. When this occurs, you may need to repipe your home.
The walls and floors adjacent to your shower are moist.
Identify what causes your walls and floors to have moisture can be challenging. There are various root causes of this issue. It can be a leaking shower, damaged shower pipes, or leaking shower trays. To know which one is causing the moisture, plumbers will need to conduct multiple tests on shower pipes and the shower tray. If the tests show that the root cause is a leaking shower tray, you may need to install a new shower entirely.
The supposedly hot water is cold or lukewarm.
There may be several issues to address when your hot water option provides you lukewarm or cold water. If the problem only occurs in one fixture like the sink, you may need to replace or repair the hot tap’s washer. However, if the problem exists in all the hot faucets in your home, your hot water unit may be the problem. Either an electrician or plumber will need to check this; it depends on the situation. If the water in the tank is cold, you should call an electrician to inspect the unit and the thermostat. If the water in the tanks is hot, the plumber is who you need in conducting the inspections. In this case, it may be a faulty tempering valve.
There is not much water coming from the taps.
When only a trickle of water flows through the taps, your washer may need changing. You should also check your aerator if it needs cleaning. Aerators can trap grit as they rush and flow through the water. When your aerator doesn’t need cleaning, the cause may be your tap washers, which need to be replaced.

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