5 Reasons for Construction Accidents in Massachusetts


We all know that construction work can be dangerous and lead to fatal accidents. And here in Massachusetts, construction work is no exception. Of course, accidents like these are never planned or intended, but they do happen. Construction accidents are often caused by human error.  
There are no way workers, regardless of their experience, can always avoid accidents. But it is helpful to know why such accidents happen so that you can take steps to ensure they do not exist in the future. 

1. Failing to Follow OSHA Regulations 

It is one of the more apparent reasons for accidents, especially regarding safety gear like hardhats, steel-toed boots, etc. Unnecessary equipment or failure to wear protective gear can increase the chances of an accident. It is important to follow OSHA regulations when working on construction sites.  

2. Lack of Communication and Coordination 

Communication and coordination during a construction project are crucial for the smooth running of a project. Quick decisions need to be made, often with very little information about the area where you will do work.  
If plans are not adequately communicated among workers, mistakes could result in accidents like falling from heights, electric shock from overhead lines, etc.  

3. Poor Health and Safety Practices 

If workers do not practice proper health and safety habits, there are more likely to be workplace accidents. As a worker's precision level increases, accidents are likely to happen.  
For example, if workers have no idea about working around electrical lines or equipment, they could trip over the cable or run into it. If workers are not aware of proper lifting and carrying techniques, they might drop heavy items on their feet.  

4. Poor Work Quality 

It is not uncommon for workers to rush to finish the project before the deadline. It often leads to poor work quality and accidents. If workers do their tasks in a hurry, there is more likely to be an accident from errors or simple slip-ups.  
No matter how skilled a worker is at their job, there could be mistakes if the job is rushed. Workers need to understand the importance of quality work. 

5. Inadequate Safety Measures from the Contractor or Builder 

Some contractors and builders do not take the necessary precautions to keep their workers safe while working on a project. Employees are frequently sent to do tasks without proper safety gear like hard hats and steel-toed boots.  
If this happens in your workplace, you should report it immediately to authorities to take the proper measures to make your workplace safe. 
You can prevent all this by informing yourself of the risks and dangers in the workplace and what to do about them. You can do it by conducting the proper training and workshops for you and your colleagues.  
Many hazards in the workplace can lead to an accident. The key is to identify them and prevent them from occurring. When accidents happen, ensure a thorough investigation is undertaken by authorities so that you can fix any problems, and finding an experienced construction accident lawyer is of high priority. 
Failing to follow OSHA regulations is one of the most common reasons for construction accidents. The key is ensuring that workers, young and old alike, follow all safety regulations in place to work effectively.  
If you are working on a construction site and are worried about safety issues, speak to the contractor or builder immediately to take the necessary measures to keep you safe while you work. 

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